Ollie Russell girl, who lives in a small town with her abusive parents as a bartender so she can earn money which her parents then make her buy liquor for. She is perfectly ordinary. Or so she thought, until she discovered a secret. Something she wasn't ever supposed to learn....


5. Chapter 4

A man got out of the carriage. He had golden hair and wore a white garment pulled over his shoulder. There was a golden shoulder pad on his shoulder where the cloth hung. His face was round and he looked utterly serious. His eyes were grey and his mouth looked like a thin line. After him -from the other carriage- came a woman. She had platinum hair tied up in a weird braided hairstyle. She wore a white dress with a gold string tied around her waist. Her face was oval and she looked immensely kind. Her eyes were bright blue like the sea. There was another metal string around her head which disappeared into her hair. Frankly they looked like Greek Gods. Her eyes fell immediately on Cirara. The door opened to the cottage and Tyfra stepped outside. She walked two steps over to them and bowed deeply. Everyone did as she but Cirara couldn't help but keep her head up just enough so that she could still see them. 'Please, come inside,' said Tyfra and opened the door.

Zaurus pushed Cirara encouragingly forward. 'Go on, then,' he said. Cirara followed them inside. In the room they entered there was a big oak desk with and armchair behind and two in front.

Next to the two armchairs stood a plain metal chair like the ones in the normal cottages. Cirara sat down on the metal one assuming it was for her. But the woman chased her up from it. 'Come sit here,' she said and pointed to one of the armchairs,

'But I thought since you're-'

'Nonsense,' she said, 'your back will hurt, I'll sit there,' she said and sat down on the metal chair instead of Cirara.

'Cirara, this is Lymmes Havengrip, God of Candor,' said Tyfra and gestured to the man. 'And this,' she turned to the woman, 'is Evara Oceanbraid, Goddess of the Sea. Your highnesses, this is Cirara Russell,'

'So your the one, we've heard so much about.' Said Lymmes, Cirara nodded,

'I heard you, did something extraordinary, yesterday during a game of Capture the Flag. Why don't you tell us about it?' Asked Lymmes

'Well, there's really nothing to tell. I just, I was lying there, next to the tree, and I was hurt, and then suddenly a root just grows and twists itself around my wrist and it hurt and then it let's go and all my injuries are gone and I have this new.... battle rage, inside me, and then a sword just grows out of the ground and flies up into my hand, look, I know it sounds absolutely outrageous, but it's the truth.'

Lymmes looked at Evara but her gaze was still focused on Cirara, that was until Cirara realised that it wasn't her she was looking at, not exactly at least. She was looking at her locket. Cirara had forgotten to tuck it under her dress after showering. 'What do you think, Evara?' Lymmes asked, Cirara quickly grabbed the locket and tucked it under her shirt.

'Where did you get it?' She asked Cirara

'I told you it kind of... grew from the ground.'

'Not the sword, the locket.' Said Evara dismissingly.

'Oh, um, I-I've always had it I guess, I can't remember not having it.' Cirara stuttered.

'May I see it?' She asked, Cirara hesitated but finally, she pulled the locket out, pulled it over her head and handed it to the Goddess. Sh took it and turned it in her hand a couple of times, then she flipped it open and almost immediately closed it again, closed her eyes and stretched her arm out in one fast movement. Cirara took it back and tucked it under her dress again. 'And have you experienced any other strange things before in your life?' She asked. Cirara sat there thinking about all the strange things that had happened before it. She stared into the fire and it was almost like it formed images from her memories but that was of course not possible. She thought of the attack of the Grendel. If coming here. Of being told that she was a demigoddess. 'Other than all of this, I mean? Has anyone -anything- ever, maybe hinted at who your parents could be?'

'No,' said Cirara.

'Ah-ha.' Said Evara, 'If you don't mind Tyfra, we'd like to stay for the night, and see if there are any other odd experiences.'

'Of course,' said Tyfra

'We will of course just be staying in our carriages.' Said Lymmes, 'the last thing we want is to cause any difficulties for you Tyfra,'

'I understand, however, I would feel uneasy if you felt you were a difficulty, sir,' Tyfra reassured him. Cirara followed Lymmes and Evara out and headed straight back to her cottage where she pulled the locket out again. She flipped it open, turned it in her hand and studied it, searching for the reason Evara was so interested in it.

What had attracted the attention from a goddess? Later she trained with Zaurus until dinner, took a hot shower and then went to bed exhausted and aching all over. Whilst sleeping she felt someone covering her mouth. She tried to sit up panicking when she saw the Goddess Evara. She held a finger to her mouth to indicate for Cirara to be silent. Cirara relaxed and Evara removed her hand from Cirara's mouth. 'I don't know, what you know about this world, however, I know that you must stop trying to find out who your parents are. If you don't and someone else finds out, you will all be killed, do you understand?' Evara whispered,

Cirara nodded, 'but why?'

'The truth, Cirara, can be a beautiful thing, however, it is also dangerous, and horrible. It can easily be turned from beautiful to terrible and must there fore be treated with extreme caution.' Said Evara and left. Her movements were graceful and completely soundless. Cirara exhaled and got back to sleep. Dreaming about her parents. In the dream they didn't have any faces and then they got killed. Then suddenly the dream changed. Now she was alone in a dark room.

The silhouette of a man came closer, but as it came closer it didn't become anymore human. It was still just the shadow of a man. He came closer, and closer, and closer, until Cirara could feel his inhuman breath against her face. The she felt a sharp pain. 'This is how you're going to die,' said the silhouette, 'Alone. Because no one actually cares. And they never will. You will always be alone.' Said the silhouette, before disappearing into thin air. Cirara looked down, and opened her hands, which had been pressed firmly against her stomach before. Scarlet liquid dripped from her hands and soaked her shirt. 'Cirara,' someone called, 'Cirara!' The voice called again. Louder this time.

'Cirara!' Cirara sat up, panting. Her sweaty her stuck to her neck and forehead. When she tried to sit up, a firm pair of hands held her down, which only made her panic more. 'Hey, hey, relax. You're safe. It's just me,' said Zaurus soothingly. He was bending over her like a shelter. Zaurus raised a hand and stroked a sweaty hair out of Cirara's face. Cirara's eyes wandered over to Sarya's bed. It was empty.

'Where's Sarya?' Asked Cirara,

'She said something about sleeping over at a friends house, I think.' Said Zaurus.

Cirara hesitated, then opened her mouth as if to say something, then closed it again, 'um, Zaurus, why are you even in my cottage?'

'Oh, Right! I realise that sounds quite a bit creepy, but I swear to Ara Blackhound I have a perfectly reasonable explanation, for that. You see, I couldn't sleep, sonI decided to talk a walk, and as I passed your cottage, I heard these weird uneasy sounds, so I decided to go in and check on you, and well you were sweating and you looked rather uneasy so I woke you up, and well here we are.' Zaurus explained.

'Oh, well, I guess, that's not so bad. Thanks for checking on me,' said Cirara,

'Anytime,' said Zaurus, straightened up, and headed to the door.


'Yeah?' He asked and spun around again,

'Could you - would you maybe... stay? I don't want to be alone...,' said Cirara, thinking about what the silhouette had said. This is how you're going to die. Alone. Because no one actually cares. And they never will. You will always be alone.

'Sure,' said Zaurus with a moments of surprised hesitation. He crawled into the bed next to Cirara. Cirara rested her head in his chest, and fell asleep to the sound of his beating heart.

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