Ollie Russell girl, who lives in a small town with her abusive parents as a bartender so she can earn money which her parents then make her buy liquor for. She is perfectly ordinary. Or so she thought, until she discovered a secret. Something she wasn't ever supposed to learn....


4. Chapter 3

Cirara sat, bored and waiting for nightfall on her bed in the cottage that had been assigned to her. She tapped her fingers impatiently against the wooden nightstand, next to her bed. She glanced at the clock over the door. 6:48 PM. Cirara groaned, fell onto her pillow, and stared at the ceiling. Annoyed she sat up and decided to look around the cottage a bit. By the wall parallel to the door were two beds that looked like a mix between canopy and twin beds. The beds had a brown blanket and a white pillow each and the curtains were dark blue. It was a horrible colour combination, but there was nothing Cirara could do about it. There was a wooden trunk in front of each twin-canopy bed, in which they could keep their clothes and other personal belongings, that they wished to keep private. On the wall parallel the beds - by the door - stood a wooden table with two metal chairs under a wide window. There was a smaller window between the two beds too. Next to the bed furthest away from the door was another door behind which the bathroom was. They bathroom was rather simple. The wooden walls were painted blue and the floor was grey. There was a toilet, a sink, a shower, and a towel rack. Next to the table under the window there was also a small book shelf, stuffed full with books. One and a half metres over Cirara's pillow was a white shirt wooden space for books. Cirara glanced on the clock again as she sat back down on her bed. 7:03 PM. For a few minutes Cirara just sat on her bed and stared out into the blue and then she pulled out the locket from under her shirt. She opened it and looked at the picture of the woman. She was so beautiful. For some reason it seemed like Cirara knew her that she had met her before but then decided that it was because of all the times she had looked at it. She wiped the dust away from the glass that protect the picture so she could see it better. Someone knocked on the door. Cirara quickly flipped the locket closed and called, 'come in,' the door opened and Zaurus stepped inside. He still wore the grey t-shirt and the jeans but he had gotten rid of the armour again.

'Hey,' he said


'Are you ok? Why weren't you at dinner?' He asked leaning against the door.

'Not hungry,' Cirara replied shortly. 'Can you teach me about the Gods?' She suddenly asked and looked hopefully up at Zaurus.

'Sure,' he said and sat down on her bed opposite her. 'There are Primary Gods and Secondary Gods. Primary Gods are the ones who became Gods first and they rule with help from the Secondary Gods.'

'Is your father a Primary or Secondary God?' Cirara asked

'Secondary,' Zaria's replied without hesitation, 'Primary Gods aren't allowed to have children.'

'That's bull. Who made that rule?' Asked Cirara

'They did, to make sure that they couldn't be distracted, and were still able to make decisions that they might not be able to make if they had children.' Said Zaurus

'So who are the Primary Gods?' Asked Cirara.

'Ara Blackhound, the Goddess of Fire, Kunena Snowlance, the Goddess of Love, Lymmes Havengrip, the God of Candor, Evara Oceanbraid, the Goddess of the Sea, and Gideon Covenridge, the God of Nature.' Said Zaurus.

'And Secondary Gods?' Asked Cirara

'Rither Noblespire, the God of Hunt, also known as my father. Odarr HallowCaller, the God of Hope, Asses Slatewillow, the God of Hatred, Tyfra Warsurge, the Goddess of War, Dulene Fairblossom, the Goddess of Wisdom, Axelia Moonlance, Goddess of Astronomi, and Idis Stonewind, the God of Honor.'

'If everyone here is the son or daughter of a god or goddess or both, many of them have to be related I mean there's at least a hundred here,'

'No actually not. Only very few are siblings, since you don't have to be a son or daughter of a God to be here. Most of them are just half human and half, demon, angel, elf, or animal. The ones that are really beautiful but not extraordinarily beautiful are usually, half demons or angels, as demons use their beauty to sway their prey. But the ones here are normal and don't eat humans - don't worry - . And angels are just generally beautiful because they were created by Gods. Obviously the descendants of the Gods are the extraordinarily pretty ones since they're half God. No one has been known so far who's parents are both Gods.' Said Zaurus.

The door to the cottage opened again and Tyfra, the Goddes of War stepped inside. 'It seems, Ms. Russel, you have attracted a great deal of attention and curiosity from the Gods. There will be coming two Primary Gods tomorrow, so I certainly hope you have some more.... formal clothes.' She said and threw a disapproving glance at Cirara's red, high-waist mini skirt, black transparent blouse, leather jacket and black boots before she left.

Zaurus whistled, 'good luck with that,' he said and left.

'But I don't even have any other clothes,' she said hopelessly to no one. Cirara sighed, tucked herself under her blanket and fell asleep.

Cirara ran through a dark alley. She felt like she was being chased by something or like she needed to get somewhere miles away in three minutes just by running. When the alley ended between two dense built apartment buildings it was like she plunged against an invisible wall. She fell onto the asphalt and her knee tore up, dripping a little bit of scarlet liquid. Cirara winced and supported herself on the brick wall next to her as she got back on her feet and looked around the corner. Two cloaked figures came from the other side of the building. The shape at the front spun around. At first Cirara thought that the shape had seen her, until she realised that it looked straight through the her. The hood was pulled so far over the shapes head that she couldn't see anything except for the outline of a chin, that was covered in shadow. The shape spun around again, climbed a few steps of a stone building in front of her, bent down, knocked on the door, stood there for a while, then it ran back down the steps, grabbed it's companion's arm, and ran away. The last thing Cirara saw before she was ripped away was the big wooden doors opening.

Cirara sat up panting. Her sweaty hair stuck to her forehead and neck. 'You alright?' A girl asked. She was leaning against the table and had her arms crossed over her chest. Her light brown hair fell messily down her neck, onto her shoulder and down on her chest reaching to her waist. Her face was square shaped and her eyes were hazel and she wore black square glasses. Her eyelashes were long and black and her eyebrows were swung in an elegant arch. Her mouth was pink and she was somewhere between tall and average hight. She wore a navy blue t-shirt and black sweatpants. She wore a pair of black sneakers and had a black jumper pulled over her shirt.

'I'm fine. Just an.... odd dream.' Said Cirara, 'I'm sorry, who are you?'

'Oh, right! I'm your roommate, Sarya. I'm half demon, but don't worry, I'm not going to kill you in your sleep, or anything,' she introduced herself,

'Thanks, that's reassuring,' said Cirara, 'anyway, I'm Cirara.'

'I know. Not because I'm a stalker or anything, but Tyfra introduced you yesterday, so, it was kind of hard to miss.' Said Sarya a bit nervous, 'anyways, I was about to go to breakfast, you wanna come?' She asked. Cirara threw her blanket aside and followed Sarya to the other side of the main field where the kitchen lay. Teenagers were filling their plates with food and making their way outside to sit peacefully on the grass and eat. 'I wonder who's going to come,' said Sarya as they walked across the field, 'which Primary Gods, I mean, I've never met a God except for Tyfra & Dulene before. I'm really excited!' Sarya and Cirara got some food and then went back to their cottage. Sarya swung her trunk open and dug into the bottom, grabbed a soft orange cotton and disappeared into the bathroom. Cirara sat down on her bed again, and looked at the pictures in the locket. She hadn't realised that she had been looking at it for long, she felt like it was five minutes, but then the bathroom door opened and Sarya cam back out. She smelled like cinnamon. She was wearing a soft orange dress and her hair was pulled up into a tight braid, that hung down like her hair had earlier. 'What are you going to wear?' She asked

'Well, um, Tyfra probably won't be happy about it, but this. I don't have anything else so... I don't really have any other choice.'

'Nonsense, you can borrow something of mine,' she said, there her trunk open again and grabbed a turquoise dress out of it. She threw it over to Cirara. 'You can borrow my shampoo too if you like,' she said

'Thanks,' said Cirara, took a shower and changed out of her smelly clothes. When she got back out of the bathroom she saw the others streaming out of their cottages.

Sarya threw her a glance and they did as everyone else and got out of their cottage. Someone tugged her sleeve as they walked around the cottage. She spun around to look at Zaurus. His expression turned turned impressed, 'well, someone's looking badass,' he said

'Thanks,' said Cirara letting out a nervous laugh

'You ready for this?' He asked and held a comforting hand to her shoulder

'Honestly, I have absolutely no idea.' Said Cirara nervously

'It's going to be alright,' he said and they walked with the crowd down to Tyfra's cottage, as two carriages strode carefully down the grass and came to a holt outside the cottage.

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