Ollie Russell girl, who lives in a small town with her abusive parents as a bartender so she can earn money which her parents then make her buy liquor for. She is perfectly ordinary. Or so she thought, until she discovered a secret. Something she wasn't ever supposed to learn....


2. Chapter 1

'Cirara!' Called her mother through the wall.

Cirara turned the heart-shaped locket around in her hands. It was gold and had three -probably fake- diamonds on th left side, going from small to smaller to smallest. She flipped it open and looked inside. There was a picture of a woman on one side and a man on the other. The woman had a soft ginger hair pulled up in a messy ponytail. Her face shape was heart-shaped and her features where fine. She had high cheekbones and her eyes were a pale brown almost brown-red but not quite and her eyelashes were long. Her lips were a gentle peach colour and her skin was pale. The man had dark brown hair and had long eyelashes too. His eyes were bright and his face was a loose square shape.Whereas his skin was more tan. They were both extraordinarily beautiful. Honestly, Cirara had no idea why she kept it she just did. 'Cirara, get your fat arse out here!' Her father called from the living room. Cirara sighed and slid the locket under her shirt so it couldn't be seen. She pulled her door open, angrily. 'Be a darling and go get a bottle of gin, will you?' Said her father. He was almost balled and he had a beer-belly. He wore a white t-shirt and a blue checkered button up shirt and blue jeans. His eyes were blue and his face was heart-shaped, not delicate and gentle like the woman in the picture, but chubby and a bit wrinkled.

'Why don't you go do it your-fucking-self?' She asked and walked over to the door.

'Oi!' Her father called and threw a handful old chips at her, 'don't fucking talk to me like that!'

'Watch me.' She said, grabbed her leather jacket and slammed the door behind her. Cirara pushed the door open to the pub and walked inside. It was crowded and stank of alcohol. She took the whiskey bottle out of the other's hand and the other left as she bartender. During her entire shift she felt like someone was watching her non-stop and as she walked back home that feeling didn't go away. She spun her head around multiple times as to ensure that she wasn't being followed. Cirara clutched the paper bag containing a bottle of gin tighter as something came flying from a alley beside her and knocked her to the ground. The bottle rolled away from her, not broken. The creature on her was big and it's skin was black and slimy.

They eyes gleamed white. There was no iris, no pupil, only white and it shone like there was a flashlight on the inside of each eye. The mouth was almost invisible just a faint line. The shape of it was like a human form - just without any private parts -. She threw a punch at it's face and it flung it off her. She pushed herself a little sideways and grabbed the bottle as the monster hissed at her showing it's snow-white teeth. It was like all of it's teeth fangs. It crawled towards her. 'Come with me, and I won't kill you.' It hissed. Cirara could barely make out the words.

'No way,' she breathed after a moment. She slammed the bottle of gin against the pavement breaking it in half. One half shattered into millions of smaller pieces and the other -the one she was holding- remained whole. The creature jumped at her and she slammed the broken glass into it's head. A few drops of green liquid sprayed onto her clothes and face as the broken glass pierced it's skin and it fell to the ground. Cirara heard footsteps and then something long and silver dug through the creature. Then everything went black as Cirara lost consciousness.

Cirara's eyes fluttered open. She definitely wasn't in a hospital since the walls were yellow, the blankets she was covered in were plain white and the bed she was lying in was entirely made of metal, whereas the walls in hospitals were white, grey, or a pale blue, the blankets where always pale blue and the beds were made half of plastic. Cirara sat up and immediately regretted that decision as a sharp pain shot through her body. She swung her legs over the side of the bed and pulled on her black boots. A man walked through the gaping open door. 'Ah, you're awake, wonderful.' He said. He wore jeans and a plain grey t-shirt. His hair was short-cut and chestnut coloured. His face was a loose square shape a bit like the man from the picture in Cirara's locket. His eyelashes were long and his eyes dark brown. He was also tall and muscular. 'I have been assigned to take care of you newbie. Hello Cirara, my name is Zaurus Noblespire.' He said

'You say that like it's supposed to mean something?' Cirara said carelessly

'You don't know Rither Noblespire? The God of hunting?'

Cirara underdressed a laugh, 'the God of hunting? Well, um Zaurus Noblespike-'


'Whatever, can you tell me where I am?' Cirara asked

'Of course,' said Zaurus, 'you're at Camp Jadefire,'

'Again... not exactly ringing a bell.' Said Cirara nodding like it was the most obvious thing ever.

A look of realisation shot across Zaurus's face. 'Cirara, do you know who you are?' He asked

'Um, yeah, I'm pretty sure I know who I am.'

'No, I mean, do you know what you are?' Zaurus asked

'Yeah, I'm human,' said Cirara wondering what the hell was wrong with this guy.

'No,' he said, 'Cirara... you're a demigoddess.'

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