Life of a Girl


2. Holidays!!

Ash's POV

Ok students! It's nearly summer and I know u all HATE homework, So this time, NO HOMEWORK! My favourite teacher Ms.Grasher called. *bell rings* SCHOOLS OUT! We all yelled and ran out the class. LUKE!! I yell running up to him. So..Are u going on tour again This summer? I asked. No, this summer is TOUR FREE! No work no planes no nothing! Just with my best friend Ashlynn! He responded hugging me tightly. We both walked home together. So.. I joined a band! I said holding his hand. You would think we are dating, but we met in 1st Grade..he's like my brother! It would just be wrong. SERIOUSLY! He yelled hugging me. It's called "54 minutes" I know I know shitty name eh. I said. OI! Luke said whuuuttt im 17 Luke!

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