Sagacity of the Monster

For the Halloween Competition ~ What a curious little girl she was. And what a powerful women she grew to be. After a long life of isolation, loneliness and many one sided conversations with her pet fox, her quiet life finally takes a turn for what seems like the better. But in this secret world of magic, monsters and madness, you wouldn't be surprised at how much the influence of the powerful full moon can reveal. All hell will break loose when this mystic time is approaching... on the night of Halloween... ~


1. As Wise as a Monster

 When you see this girl, you would consider how strange she did seem. A young girl like herself, you would expect to see her running and playing with the other children, to hear her laughter of pure joy. But she chose to do quite the opposite.

 On the average summer day, you would spot her standing atop the hill of a meadow not far from the farm house in which she lived. Her small body was just a couple feet taller than the long grass all around her. It swayed just like her long locks of deep brown hair in the breeze. It gave an eerie touch to her sight as she stared dreamily up at the sky, as if she had saw an angel. Impossible, such things did not exist!

 But as those who doubted the sanity of the child as the grumbled past, muttering their disagreements with her behavior, the girl was resilient to their opinions. Whether she heard their words on the breeze herself or she had just noticed their mood towards her. While they saw her as a daydreamer, letting her childhood drift by, she was actually using it to its fullest. Though eyes lost in space, she was very much awake, aware and sharp.

  No one taught her. No one needed to. Her wisdom grew with her years of age until she was said to have sage, and without a doubt grow to be one. But through her kindness, humility and intelligence, people managed to pinpoint matters within this that were frowned upon. Extremely.

 While her conscious self was a delight to have present for everyone, it was her unconscious self that caused displeasure. It was when her attention would randomly drift off during what seemed like a normal conversation. It was when her pale eyes would widen and stare off into a daydream. It was when she resembled herself as a young child once again. This turned people off. What would completely horrify the people was when she would black out completely, only to return moments later with a relaxed smile painted over her face. This was immediately picked out as strange behavior, and it rose suspicions. But when the superstitious minds of the people could not find a logical explanation, they now answered it the only way they knew how. They placed her under the title of a supernatural being. A monster. And to be more specific, a witch.

 Though there was no law, and nothing had officially been done about her abnormalities, she was slowly being isolated by those she cared for most. And she did not understand why. Why they found her to be a dreamer when she was the one fully awake. She knew that the power she possessed was not a rare gift given to just her, but that it was at the finger tips of any other human around her. Only if they chose to reach for it. Maybe, just maybe, she liked to believe that they could be just a little like her...

 As she was left alone with her thoughts with nobody to distract her, she became more focused, calmer, and without even trying, stronger. The cosmic mysteries fueling her, whispering ideas into her head and giving her the motivation to put them into action. So, again without considering what people thought, she continued her unusual activities alone as a renegade. But when she would stop to look down from the hills where she lived at the glowing town below, she wondered why they had to act like such sheep, unable to deal with a change. Instead of coping with the problem and using it to their benefit, they banish it and gave it the title of an untamed monster. She sighed to herself as she leaned against the window sill. Perhaps, she thought, we all would be better off as monsters...

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