save me; cth

the one where calum makes friends with the nurse who keeps on saving him


1. prolouge

Joy Hood was a very busy woman, she had 2 kids and she was a writer. Her husband, David, was the owner of his very own mechanical business. Their two kids, Mali and Calum, we're 5 years old and 6 months old. Normally David would take Mali to school and Joy would stay at home with baby Cal and write while he slept. Today wasn't normal.

As Calum grew up, he was always told the story about a little boy who killed his family. The little boy was 6 months old and his sister was 5 years old. The little boy's mother was driving and he started fussing for his bottle. When his mother tried turning around to find it in his diaper bag, she missed a stop sign.

Calum was always told that the little boy was the only survivor. He never realized, he was the little boy.

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