A quick little thing that I'm not actually sure of either. Written for the Heartbroken writing competition.


1. Shades

No more colours, only white.

White is everywhere.

There is white on the walls, on the ceiling,

On the sheets that are so deceitfully innocent.

Flickers of red are the only glimpses I get of life,

Of what once was.

So I dream

To wash away my sins.

First, there is sunlight.

Falling in arcs through the woven flying carpet made of leaves.

Leaves and branches that hold me together,

Just like he once did.

Then there is rain,

Crying aloud, so loud.

But nobody listens.

Nobody ever does.

We enter into snow.

So pure and whole in its entirety.

I despise it.

It isn't me, will never be me anymore.

Then there is him.

I reach out for one more touch, to plead for forgiveness.

He leaves.

I am left in the dark, alone.

Visions of the past haunt my conscience,

With no one to hear me.

In the silence of these four walls,

I lose the game.

The game of love,

And truth,

And understanding,

And I






Except me.

With puzzle pieces that do not fit,

And the devil by my side,

And white, white everywhere,

I stain my world with black.

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