my hero

Talya has some issues...her bullies at school dont know what she going through at home. Then the new neibor Calum moves in and makes a change.


1. trouble...

Talya's p.o.v.

My name is Talya Raye Jordan.i am 17 years old! i have dark brown long hair,green,eyes,freckles,and im pretty short. My mum died when i was 4 and my dad went crazy. We were a happy family till my mum died.When she did my dad started drinking...a lot. hes always drunk and has hurt my sevral times.On top of that i have been bullied for quite a while.this is just how it is and im not sure how i can change it.

Calum's p.o.v

I grabbed the last of my boxes and walked inside.i was so exited to be back in australia. we moved a year ago to england because my dad got a job there. i finally get to see my friends again, ashton,luke,and michael! i set it down and as i stood up i saw my mum she said "hey sweetie why dont you go look around the neighborhood" i said "sure why not" and went outside. i started to walk past the house next door and heard a huge *CRASH* followed by a scream saying "JUST LEAVE" it sounded like a man older than me but not too old. then someone responded "FINE!" and the sound of running footsteps followed. A second later a very short girl ran out of the house.i couldnt see her face cause it was coverd by her black hoodie and dark brown hair she  bumped into me running out of her house, and said "oh my gosh im so sorry" still looking down .i said "no problem,are you ok?" she looked up at me for the first time and took her hood off...i wasnt expecting her to have a black eye and bloody lip. I didnt know what to think or say. she said "yeah im ok" and looked down i said "whats your name?" then she said "Talya...Talya Jordan" i replied with "nice to meet you Talya im Calum and i just moved in next door!" she was just about to say something, then someone screamed "TALYA GET INSIDE" it sounded like the same person who just told her to get out. She immeditly said "im so sorry but i got to go nice meeting you" or thats at least what i think she said, she was talking so fast i could barely understand her. after she said that she pulled her hood over her head again and started to run away from the neighborhood.I really hope she was ok. she was really pretty and looked about 17 around my age. i really didnt know what to do about this. obviously the guy who was with Talya was drunk and probably harming her in some way. well just have to wait till i see her again.

Author's Note

hey everyone!! hope you liked this first chapter! thanks for reading hope u enjoyed ;)

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