my hero

Talya has some issues...her bullies at school dont know what she going through at home. Then the new neibor Calum moves in and makes a change.


6. the hospital

Calum's p.o.v.

Me and the guys were driving hope all screaming the lyrics to american idiot. when i saw something strange on the sidewalk i stopped the music and all together the guys said "awww" i said "guys what is that?" and pointed to the thing on the sidewalk. ashton said "it looks like a person" i pulled over and noticed it wasnt any person. it was Talya. i got out of the car as fast as i could and ran over and kneeled down next to her. i put her on her back and she looked beat up. her black eye that just healed was there again ,her stomach had a HUGE bruise,her arm was super bloody and her knee was also bloody and scraped up. i couldnt help but cry. the guys ran over and looked who it was. they looked at eachother with worried faces. michael said "we need to take her to the hospital right now!" there was still tears streaming down my face when i picked talya up bridal style. i reached in my pocket for the keys and handed them to ashton and asked "can you drive?" ashton nodded and said "course mate" i got in the car and laid talya down on my lap. there was blood dripping from her arm and her stomach looked a dark purple. we finally arrived at the hospital. i got out of the car then picked up talya. we all rushed inside and the nurses took Talya right away. i teared up as they rolled talya away. i sat in the waiting room with the guys and tried to calm down. after about 2 and a half hours the doctor came in and said "we fixed her up! she has a broken arm and so she will need to recover for a while. i immidetly asked "can we see her" the doctor replied "sure but shes asleep right now" we all stood up and followed the doctor he pointed to an open door and said here she is. i ran in and went to her bedside. it was painful to see Talya like this but ive cried enough today so i had to tuff it out. i grabbed her hand and stared at her waiting for her to wake up. she looked so peaceful while she slept it actully made me calm down a bit. then a nurse walked in and said really snotty "you need to leave with her there are other patients!" i furrowerd my eyebrows and decided to wake talya up. i kissed her forehead and said "its time to get up my love" her eyes slightley opend then she said "but why??" i laughed and said "because you have to" she moaned and sat up while rubbing her eyes. she took her hand off her eyes and said "what the! why are we here?? why am i laying in this hospital bed?!?!" "i dont know you tell me" she sighed and said ummm... oh! i rember it was veronica!!" i said "veronica?" she said "veronicas the idiot at school who knocked me out and has her 2 idiot minions" i got so mad "i hate that girl!" i said . she stood up and said "ok lets go" she reached for the doorknob and then said "what the hell!!" i asked "what?" "i dont remember having a broken arm!" her eyes teared up and she ran over to me and wrapped her arms around my stomach because she was about 2ft shorter than me . she started crying and i felt so bad. i kneled down and said "its going to be ok" she pulled away still in tears and nodded. we walked out and went to the front desk to pay. the lady added everything up and said that will be $300.00. "three hundred dollars!" talya screamed. the nurse scoffed and said "um yeah!" she reached for her wallet but i stopped her and gave the lady the $300.00 dollars "no!" talya said. "no no its ok" i replied. talya was gonna try to convince me not to but i said "shhhh" before she could speak. "but calum!" she said "its ok talya! please just let me pay!" she sighed and crossed her arms. "ok were free" i said. i grabbed talya's hand and walked out with her. i heard one of the guys whisper "aweee" i rolled my eyes and said "i heard that!" we all laughed and continued walking. i open the door for talya. i made her sit in the front with me. we drove home and i asked if she could stay over for a bit. she agreed. we stepped inside and i playfully grabbed talya and threw her over mt sholder she laughed and said "hey!!" i threw her on the couch and layed down next to her she laughed and scooted closer to me. michael said "so are you two gonna make out or watch a movie with us?" talya smiled and turned around to face the tv. we watched lion king. Talya started to cry when mufassa died but me and the guys started laughing but talya just said "stop! its not funny!" while still crying. it just made us laugh harder. the movie ended and the guys went home because school was tomorrow. talya also left. tomorrow my parents would be coming home. i went upstairs,showerd,and got ready for bed. before i fell asleep i called my mum and told her all about talya and how much i cared about her. my mum was always the right person to talk to about anything. she knew talya was a great girl because i never really liked anyone. we talked more about her for a bit then said goodbye. i went to sleep right after.

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