my hero

Talya has some issues...her bullies at school dont know what she going through at home. Then the new neibor Calum moves in and makes a change.


3. Talya's life

Calum's p.o.v.

It was the next day and i got up early to go to school to make sure Talya was ok. School was gonna start in an hour when i got in my car. When i got to school i looked for talya. I searched for her until school started. we had 2nd period together so maybe id find her there.

*2nd period*

 When i got to class i noticed Talya wasnt there... meaning shes at home with that guy who i think is her dad. I decided to ditch for the rest of the day because i was worried about talya. i pulled up to the col-de-sac and it felt empty. my parents were at work so nobody was at my house and at Talyas there was no noise. i didnt know if i should go to talyas door or not. i went inside my house and got dropped of my backpack. i finally decided to go to talyas house. i walked up the steps to talyas front door and rang the doorbell. about 30 seconds later someone answerd the door. luckily it was yesterday she had a pair of black skinny jeans and black hoodie. Before i could even say hello she said "what are you doing here?!?" i said "i wanted to make sure your ok..." she stuck her head out the door and looked side to side then she grabbed a black backpack that was by the door and walked outside closing the door behind her. she grabbed my hand and started running. after about 5 minutes of nonstop running we enterd a forest like area i asked her "what are we doing here?" she answerd "well my dads coming  home soon and i need a break from him, also i come here all the time its kinda like my safe place i guess. i call it the nook!" i smiled and looked around. i can see why Talya liked this place so much, it was beautiful. i heard her say "come" i looked over my sholder and talya was sitting crisscross on a bench with her backpack next to her. i walked over and sat next to her. she pulled her hood off and i got to see her beautiful freckle filled face once again. she caught me staring at her and laughed. i came back to reality and laughed too. there was a silence so i decided to start a conversation and said "so hows life?" she raised her eyebrows and said "well my dads a insane alcaholic, i get beat up quite alot in school and everyone hates me." i asked her "so has your dad always beed drinking" she looked down and said umm.. no not always he started um mum, died." i exppected there to be a reason he was drinking but i didnt expact that. i said "oh my gosh im sorry" she just said "no no, its not your fault!" her voice sounded a bit squeaky i looked over and saw a tear fall onto her hand from under her hood.i scooted closer and lifted her face to see tears streaming down her face i lifted her up and put her on my lap. she rested her head on my chest and eventally drifted off to sleep. it had been about 30 minutes since talya fell asleep. honestly i wasnt mad about this i actully kinda enjoyed it. i looked down at talya and noticed something on her sleeve i tried to focus my vision a bit and discoved that it was dried blood. i nearly got teary eyed. its so sad how this insanely amazing girl has been treated so bad shes tried to take her own life. a few minuets later Talya woke up to the sound of her phone buzzing. she sat up and pulled her phone out of her pocket she mutterd something under her breath but i coundnt understand what she said. she quickly stood up and grabbed a pen out of her backpack. she grabbed my hand and wrote something on it. Then she asked me speaking very fast "do you know how to get home from here?" luckily i was pretty observant so i did remember. i said "yes" and she grabbed her backpack and started running. a second later she stopped and ran back toward me she kissed my cheek and said "thank you love" and smiled she turned around and ran to her house. i looked at my hand to see what she wrote. it was a phone number!  i smiled and sat up and started walking home

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