my hero

Talya has some issues...her bullies at school dont know what she going through at home. Then the new neibor Calum moves in and makes a change.


4. saturday

Talya's p.o.v.

It was saturday morning when my phone rang i checked the caller id and it said "peyton" peyton is my best friend from san diego but when me and my dad moved here to sydney australia we got seperated. now we talk everyday over the phone. i answerd the call and said "hey peytie whats up?" she said "hey talya, not much is going on what about u?" i answerd "not much here other i just woke up" we continued our conversation for about 30 minutes then said goodbye. i got up, showerd and got dressed. i wore black skinny jeans, a nirvana tee, a black jacket, and my black and white converse i walked downstairs and my dad was asleep on the couch with about 10 empty beer bottles next to him. i sighed and walked past him to go get breakfast. as i walked to the kitchen i noticed the house reeked with the smell of alcahol. i changed my mind and skipped breakfast. i walked outside with my backpack and decided to go to the nook. i got there, sat on the bench, then pulled out my sketchbook and a pencil from my bag. i loved to draw ive been told my drawing are really good but i dont think so. ive been sitting here for about an hour when my phone rang again. the number was unknown. i answerd anyway and said "hello" a fimilar voice responded. it was calum's. he said "hey talya wanna hang out at my house with me and my friends?" i raised an eyebrow and said "who are these "friends"?" he responded "oh yeah! i almost forgot to tell you, ive lived in australia for quite a while but then to england for my dads job. now were back here! so these are my friend ive had since forever." i said "oh um ok... i guess. but you actully wanna hang out with me?" calum said "uhhh yeah are you ok with that?" i replied "oh yeah, um its just nobody really ever wants to hang out with me" calum said "well i do! your kinda really amazing!" i blushed until my face turned a bright pink and said "awe thank you!" and laughed calum said "ok well we will be waiting here for you!" "ok on my way!" i replied.

Calum's p.o.v.

"Ok guys my neighbor Talya is coming over and i think i might have a slight crush on her so please dont act stupid" i said to the guys  michael said "oooooooooh calum has a crush!!!" "shhhhh" i said .michael and the other guys laughed. i said to them "and also please be nice Talya's very shy and also going through a really hard time. her dad has been an alcaholic ever since her mum passed away when she was a kid, she looks a bit beat up so be careful with her." dont worry mate well take care of her just like you do!" ashton said. i smiled and sat back on the couch.

Talya's p.o.v.

I was walking up to calums steps and heard guys screaming death threats to eachother. i knocked anyway. the inside became quiet then calum answerd the door and said "hey talya!" "hey" i said back calum stepped back and said "come in" i walked in and saw 3 guys playing call of duty. that explains the death threaths i heard a second ago. calum closed the door and said "Talya these are my friends, the one with the bandana is Ashton,the one with the red hair is mikey, and the blonde quiff boy is luke" "hi!" the all said together "hello" i replied. calum grabbed my hand and led me to sit with him on the couch. i still had my sketchbook and pencil in my hand so i decided to put it back in my backpack. as i was doing that calum asked "whats that" "oh um thats just my sketchbook" i said calum asked "can i see" "ummm sure,yeah sure" i pulled it back out i didnt want to show him because i knew they suck. i handed him the book and said "im so sorry they really suck" his eyes widend when he opened the book "told you" i said. calum said "Talya no! these are amazing!" "i wanna see!" michael said. he grabbed the book and said "oh my gosh! these are amazing! Luke,Ashton look at this!" at this point they were all looking through the book saying stuff like "this is awesome" and "wow" "thank you" i said to all of them. calum handed the book back to me and said "talya those are amazing!" "thank you" i said again. a few hours past and i felt someone shake me. it was ashton waking me up but i was still half asleep because i was super tired. somehow me and calum fell asleep on the couch together. looks like luke woke calum because i felt calum sitting up. i then ashton said "calum look she looks so cute when shes asleep" then i heard luke said " she looks like a baby!" calum laughed and said "guys dont be creepy" the last thing i rember because i was still half asleep is calum lifting me up and setting me on his lap. i quickly drifted back to sleep. i woke up a while later to all the guys watching a movie i sat up and calum said "good moring love" i smiled and said "oh my gosh im so sorry i fell asleep" calum laughed and said no worries i dont mind" i scooted of calums lap to the spot next to him and leaned on his sholder. he put his arm around me as we watched the movie with the guys. what a terrific way to spend the day i thought to myself.

Authors note:

Hello everyone! do me a huge favor and check out my sisters account her name is Peyton Clifford hope your enjoying this story! it would mean a ton if you liked or favorited this! <3 <3 make sure to check out my sisters account!! xoxo

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