my hero

Talya has some issues...her bullies at school dont know what she going through at home. Then the new neibor Calum moves in and makes a change.


16. peytons new apartment

Talya's p.o.v

I woke up to buzzing from my phone. i looked at the screen and saw a call from peyton. i walked outside to answer so i didnt wake up the boys. "hello?" i mumbeld "good morning sunshine!" i laughed and said "whats so good about it?" peyton laughed and said "anyway, i just called cause i figured you'd be asleep. "you guessed it!" i said back. peyton answerd "well go get ready we have work to do!" "yeah ok." i said back. we said goodbye and i went upstairs. i took a shower andpicked and outfit i had a blink182 muscle tee,black skinny jeans, and my hair up in a high ponytail. i went into the room to grab my sunglasses,wallet,phone,and keys. calum and luke rushed in and then luke said "talya do u have a bucket??" "yes cause i just casually carry a bucket around." i said sarcasticly. luke sighed and then i said "ok fine, there might be one in the garage why do u need a bucket anyway?" "were gonna pour water on Michael and Ashton!" calum said "a full bucket!" luke added. "so your telling me, your gonna pour a bucket full of water on the couch and floor?"i asked. they paused and calum said "guess we didnt think about that." "dont u and the boys have some water guns in the garage or something?" calum and luke smiled and looked at eachother. "thanks Talya!!" calum said before runing to the grage with luke. i laughed and followed. they were already in the gradge when i went downstairs. I opend the door and they guys were digging through the gardge i leaned in and said "i gotta go help peyton unpack and stuff ill be back later." "your leaving me again!?!?!" calum said. "sorry cal, but i gotta help peyton." i replied "ok i guess i understand" he said.calum walked over to me and gave me a hug and kiss. Cal can i use your car? i asked "sure sweetie!" he said smiling. then i said "thanks cal i love you!" "love you too!" he replied. i walked to the car and got in. i got to peytons house and rang the doorbell. "come in" she said i walked in and said "hey peytie" "hello!" she replied. after hours of unpacking we just about finished. "FINALLY!" peyton said. right after the doorbell rang. "ill get it." i said walking toward the door and opening it. it was calum,michael,luke,and ashton. "what are you guys doing here?" i asked "we came to help!" mikey said. "we just finished but i think peyton wanted to go to the store for some stuff." i replied. "guess youll have to bring us along!" calum said smiling. i shrugged and let them in. "who is it?" peyton called from the other room. "the guys" i replied peyton immeditley got up and ran out to where we were. "she jumped up at mikey and he caughed her in his arms. "i feel ike i havent seen you guys in forever!" she said. we laughed and michael set peyton down. "do you guys wanna come to the store with us?" peyton asked "sure but how are we gonna all fit in the car?" calum asked. "lets walk its not that far." peyton answerd. we all walked out and went to the store. it was really cold i was shivering. "are you cold my love?" calum asked. "no im fine" i replied "no your not" calum said taking his jacket off and putting it around me "thank you cal" i said smiling. we got to the store and i said "you lead us peyton" she started walking around and grabbing things. about 45 minutes later she payed and said "lets go!" we got back to peytons house and hung out for a while. at 10:00 me calum and the rest of the boys left. we dropped the guys off then went home. me and calum got ready for bed then cuddled until we were asleep.


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