my hero

Talya has some issues...her bullies at school dont know what she going through at home. Then the new neibor Calum moves in and makes a change.


11. park

Calum's p.o.v

I was so happy to have Talya back. i cant explain how much i missed her. i woke up close to talya and it made me feel happy. i got up trying not to wake talya up. i got out of bed and went downstairs. the guys were all sitting on the couch watching spongebob. "hey guys!" i said "hey" they all replied. i sat down on the other couch and watched with them. all of a sudden i heard talya say "your watching spongebob without me??" i turned my head to look at her. she looked so cute. she had on black sweatpants, a blink182 t-shirt and her hair was up in a bun. i got up and went over to her. she was on the 2nd stair and so i kissed her because she could finally reach. "so this is what it feels like to be tall." she said then laughed. i picked her up bridal style and kissed her while walking to the couch. i set her down on the couch then sat next to her. she moved onto my lap and kissed me again. "im hungry!" michael said standing up. "what to you want to eat?" talya replied. "hmmm, i want french toast!"said mikey. talya sat up and went to the kichen. she looked in the fridge and took out some stuff. she turned on the stove and began cooking. "i didnt know you cooked!" i said.  she laughed and said "well now you know!" i watch talya as she cooked. i am so in love with this girl i thought to myself. she set a few plates on the table and said "ok come eat!" we all walked over to the table and sat down. michael was the first to satrt eating. "OH MY GOSH TALYA THESE ARE AMAZING!!" she laughed and said "thanks mikey!" me and the rest of the boys tried it and it was so good! as we were eating i noticed talya didnt have a plate. "wheres your food sweatheart?" she looked at me and said "oh there wasnt enough bread so i could make any more". "here have mine." i said putting the plate in front of her. "no no no! you keep it!" she said sliding the plate back to me. "but babe! it would make me happy if you took it! please!!!"i replied "she looked back at me and i gave her the plate. "please?" i said again "fine!" she said taking the fork out of my hand. i got up to go get cereal. i came back and talya and the guys were already done the guys got up and went back to the couch. talya grabbed her and guys dishes and went to go wash them off. i finished my breakfast and went to put my bowl in the sink. i joined talya on the couch and she cuddled with me. after a while of watching spongebob ashton asked "so do you guys wanna go do something?" "yeah!!" talya said jumping up from the couch. i laughed at how excided talya got. she ran upstairs to get ready. i did the same. talya walked out of the bathroom with new clothes on. "you got ready quickly!" i said she replied "yup!!" and smiled. i got ready and walked in the bathroom were talya was. she was straiting her hair i walked up behind her and grabbed her waist while kissing her cheek. "careful babe dont burn yourself!" she said. i smiled and left the bathroom. i grabbed my phone,wallet,and keys and went to go sit on the couch. ashton and michael were already dressed and luke was in the bathroom getting ready. talya ran down stairs with her converse in her hand she ran over to the couch,sat down, then started putting on her shoes. as luke walked out of the bathroom Talya  said "ok ok lets go!!" and started running to the door we all got up and walked to the door "where do you wanna go?" i asked everyone. talya smile faded "i dont know" she said. then michael said "lets go to the park" talya's smile returned "yeah lets go!" she said. she ran out the front door and to my car. we all got in and drove to the park. when we got there we all got out and talya ran over to me. she grabbed my hand and started pulling me toward a bridge over a creek. we got there and she looked over the bridge. she smiled big when she saw a duck and her ducklings. "look cal!" she said pointing to them. "aren't they cute?" she continued "they are!" i said "but not as cute as you!" she turned around smiling and gave me a kiss on the cheek. we spent the rest of the day hanging out and laughing together. we were in the car going back home. and talya was sitting in the back with luke and ashton. she was fast asleep on lukes shoulder. we arived at home and i went to the back to get talya. i opend the door and got talya out. her head was rested on my chest and she was still fast asleep. i handed ashton the keys and asked if he could open the door. he did and we all walked inside. i went upstairs and put Talya in the bed. i went downstairs to hangout with the guys. they decided to spend the night again and leave in the morning. me and the guys talked for a while and then ashton asked "so hows you and talya's relationship going?" "absolutly amazing!" i answerd "i love her with all my heart!!" "thats good! ashton replied. we talked for another hour then all fell asleep on the couches.

Talya's p.o.v

I woke up and it was dark outside. Calum wasnt in the bed so i went to go check downstairs. ashton,mikey,and luke were all on a couch and calum was on the recliner. they all looked so peaceful. i went to go get 4 blankets for each of them i went upstairs and grabbed the blankets from a cabinent. i walked back downstairs and coverd each of them. when i got to calum i coverd him and kissed him on the forehead. he slightly woke up and smiled. i brushed my fingers through his curly black hair and then went back upstairs. i slowly drifted back to sleep.


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