my hero

Talya has some issues...her bullies at school dont know what she going through at home. Then the new neibor Calum moves in and makes a change.


7. monday

Talya's p.o.v.

Luckly when i went home my dad wasnt there. i showerd and got ready for bed. lifes alot diffrent with this cast.

*the next day* i woke up and got ready for school. when i was done i walked outside with my backpack. i plugged my phone into my headphones and started walking. when i started walking i stopped and rembered what happed the last time i walked somewhere. "need a ride?" i heard a voice say. i looked over and calum was holding the passengers seat car door open. i smiled and walked over. before i stepped into the car i gave calum a quick peck on the cheek. he closed the door and went to his side. he had a huge smile on his face. "what are you smiling about?" i asked smiling like he was "why am i smiling?" calum said "im smiling because a really cute girl kissed me!" i laughed and said "cute?" he looked at me and said "yes, cute" we got to school and me and calum walked in together. *skip to after school* calum had his arm around me as we walked to his car. he opend the door and i said "thank you!" then he walked to his side. we were driving home and when we pulled up to the houses my house was surrounded with cop cars. "what the heck!" i said while getting out of the car. i ran over to my house and calum followed. i asked one of the cops "whats going on?!?" the cop asked "are you Talya Jordan?" "yes?" i replied "your dad is under arrest for drunk driving and child abuse" i acted like he hasnt abused me but the cop didnt fall for it.  "another cop came over and said "hello Talya my name is Rob how are you?" i looked at him like he was stupid because it was pretty obvious im not happy right now. he said "ok well then. so unfortanatly your not old enogh to live on your own so were gonna have to take you to a foster home for a for a few years, but luckily a family who lives in Georiga usa is nice enough to take care of you!" i stared at the cop as tears filled my eyes. all i said was "a few years?" in a  quiet shakey voice. the cop nodded. i walked over to calum and cried on his chest. he put his arms around me and said nothing. he was just as shocked as i was. "go pack your bags! your going to georiga!" i acted like i didnt hear him and still held calum close to me "NOW!" the officer screamed i let go of calum and the cop grabbed my arm and pulled me inside not letting calum come with. i had no choice but to pack my bags so i did. i walked back outside and the officer asked "are you ready" "no!" i said. calum was still waiting for me when i came outside. i ran over and gave him a hug. "dont forget me" i wisperd "i wont" he whisperd back calum pulled my arms off of him and cupped his face in my hands. one more time he said "i will never ever forget you" i could hel but kiss him i brought my lips to his as he bent over so i could reach. all of a sudden someone pulled me away and said "thats enough!" "i love you calum" i said before getting stuffed into the cop car. tears rolled down both our eyes as the cop drove away. i was finally getting my life together and this is what happens. great!

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