my hero

Talya has some issues...her bullies at school dont know what she going through at home. Then the new neibor Calum moves in and makes a change.


15. hanging out with peyton

Talya's p.o.v.

I woke up early because me and peyton were hanging out today. we were gonna go to the beach then go back to peytons apartmanet and mess around with our insturments. we both play insturments i play drums/cajon and guitar. peyton plays guitar and piano. we always used to hang out and play music when we were kids but now were older and better. i walked peyton home early in the morning so she could get ready. when i got back home calum was still sleeping on the couch. i walked over and cuddled with him for a bit before i had to get ready. i got up and kissed calums cheek then fluffed up his hair. then i went to go get ready. i grabbed my black bikini and some shorts and my batman muscle tee then put them on. i was in the bathroom putting my hair in a side braid. when calum woke up. he came upstairs and into the bathroom where i was. "hey sweetheart!" he said while grabbing his toothbrush. "hi cal!" i said still doing my hair. "where are you going?" he asked me. "me and peyton are going to hang out today and go to the beach!" i said happily. "without me?" he asked with a pouty face. "yes,im sorry cal" he looked disapointed. "calum youll be ok!" i added. then he asked "what am i supposed to do without you? ill have no one to talk to, no one to take care of, and worst of all no one to cuddle with!" i turned around and kissed him and repeted "youll be ok cal" he looked sad but i had to have time with peyton so i had to ignore it. "why dont you call the guys and ask them if they wanna hang out?" i asked. "i guess i could do that." he replied i walked ot of the bathroom and grabbed my phone and sunglasses. i didnt have to grab any insturments because peyton still has mine from when we were kids. cal was on the couch with his phone. i walked downstairs over to him and said "i got to go calum" he gaabbed my hand and pulled me toward him. he kissed me and said "please be careful sweetie!" "i will" i answerd "also can i use your car calum?" i asked "no problem!" he answerd smiling. calum walked me to the front door and handed me the car keys. "here you go love!" he said i smiled and kissed calum again. "be back soon! i love you cal!" i said while opening the door. then calum sounding worried said "please be careful, dont hurt yourself or go too far out in the water, also wait 30 minutes after you eat before going into the water and most importantly dont talk to any boys!" "yeah yeah i know calum!" i said "i love you and ill miss you!" he said "love you too cal!" i said before walking outside. i got into the car and drove to peytons. when i got there i texted her to let her know i was waiting. a few minutes later she walked out and got into the car. we drove to the beach blasting greenday,blink182,nirvana and just some other random songs. we finally arrived and got parking. we found a spot and took off our cover up clothes. we didnt really do much other than talk and take pictures and go in the water. it was really awkward because a few guys were litterly staring but we just ignored them. after a few hours we decided to leave and go to peytons. we went in the car and drove back. when we got to her house we both rinsed off in the shower before starting. yesterday the moving truck moved all the stuff in so we looked around for our insturments. "found it!" i heard peyton say while picking up her guitar. i walked into another room and saw my drumset. i ran over and started moving the pieces into the empty living room. after about 10 minutes i was all set up. i grabbed my drumsticks from my bag because i never leave the house without them. "what song?" peyton asked "ummm lets start with holiday!" i said ajusting my mic. we started playing the song. "hear the sound of the falling rain, coming down like a armageddon flame the shame the ones who died without a name. hear the dogs howling out of key to a hymn called faith and misery and bleed the company who lost the war today." we continued the whole song. when we finished i smiled. "we still got it!" i said to peyton "yeah we do!" peyton said back. we continued playing a ton of songs until it got dark. peyton walked me to my car. "hey talya?" peyton asked "whats up?" i said back "do you mind helping me unpack these boxes tomorrow?" peyton asked "yeah of course!" i replied "thanks!" she said back. we said goodbye and i drove back home. i got out of the car then went to open the front door. i walked in and calum was running toward me. he immeditly wrapped his arms around me and said "i missed you so much!!" i laughed and said "i missed you to cal!" he picked me up and kissed me before taking me over to the backyard. i saw michael,luke,and ashton playing soccer in the grass. calum set me down on a chair then sat next to me. "hey talya!" i heard ashton say. "hi!" i replied calum got up and asked me "wanna play?" "hell yeah!!" i said getting up he laughed and said "ok you and me against michael,ashton and luke. we started playing and so far we were in the lead. we continued playing for about 5 more minutes and me and cal won! "good job sweetheart calum said holding his hand up for me to high 5. "weve been defeated!!" luke said. we all laughed and went inside. the boys sat on the couch and i went to go get them water. i brought them each a glass and one for myself "thank you!" they all said. i smiled in return. the guys were spending the night tonight. while all of us were hanging out we passed out on the couches,but i didnt mind as long as i was next to calum.

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