my hero

Talya has some issues...her bullies at school dont know what she going through at home. Then the new neibor Calum moves in and makes a change.


9. georiga

Talya's p.o.v.

i boarded the plane and found my seat i sat down and looked out the window. i havnt talked to peyton so i texted her

me: peyton i need your help!

peyton: with?

me: well im now moving to georiga cause my dad got arrested and i miss calum!

peyton: YOUR WHAT?

me:  :.(

Me and peyton talked for a while and she made me feel a little better but as the plane took off i felt worse than before. a tear streamed down my face but i didnt let anyone see. i soon fell asleep while listening to music. when i woke up i got my sketchbook and drew until the plane landed. i exited the plane and heard someone asked "are you tayla?' i turned around and said "yup thats me" the lady smiled and said "hi im samantha and this is my husband mason!" "hi" i said quietly. dont get me wrong, samantha seems nice but i was not in the mood to be all happy. we walked to her car and drove to her house. georiga is really pretty! we got to her house it was huge! "here we are samantha said" i smiled and followed her inside. she showed me my room and said "here is your room! please make yourself at home. "thank you" i said. she walked out and i went to go close the door. i checked my phone and saw a missed call from calum. i would call him back but hes probably in school right now. i saw he left a voicemail too. i clicked play and heard "hi Talya i already miss you alot. and i hope we can keep in touch. thanks my love, i miss you tons!" the voicemail ended and you could obviously tell in calum's voice hed been crying. i felt so sad listening to that. *3 hours later* we had just had dinner and i got to learn about samantha and mason. they seem really sweet. i went back upstais and decided to call calum. i clicked on his contact then hit call. he answerd on the first ring and said "Talya i miss you so much! did you make it to georiga safely?" i laughed and said "i miss you too and yes i did make it here safely" "talya i need to tell you something" calum said "yes?" i replied. "i like you a lot"he said "awww calum i like you alot too!" calum replied "i hate being here alone i miss you so much!" "i miss you too cal! i wish i was with you right now" i couldnt help but cry "i miss you so much" i repeated. "sweatie dont worry soon enough well be together again and everything will be perfect! we can live in a house together and well get to see eachother everyday!" i smiled and said "that would really be amazing!" we talked for another hour until i got tired. we said our goodbyes and i went strait to bed.

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