my hero

Talya has some issues...her bullies at school dont know what she going through at home. Then the new neibor Calum moves in and makes a change.


2. first day of school

Calum's pov


It was the first day of school and of corse i was already 5 minutes late.i was also a bit bummed since i had to come to this school and couldnt be with the guys but i will ask for a transfer to their school next year. i ran to my car and drove. it took about another 5 minutes to get there. i ran throught the doors and started looking for my class i was looking over my sholder when all of a sudden i bumped into something. i looked over and saw Talya on the ground i said "oh no! im so sorry...again" she laughed and grabbed my hand that i had put out to help her up. as soon as she was back on her feet i asked "do you know where room 208 is?" she said "ya, right down this hall to the left" i was going to say "thank you" but before i could i heard some people talking and right when they started talking Talya said "ok ok do you trust me?!?" i said "yes...?" then she turned me around and pushed me and said "then go to your class!" she was talking very fast this whole time i turned around to ask "why?" but when i did  3 tall girls stood behind Talya one with their hand on her sholder. i was confused on what was going on Talya screamed "CALUM GO!!" but i didnt because i knew something was about to happen. the girl that had her hand on Talya swung her around and threw her on the floor. i immeditly ran toward them to stop them. by the time i could actully reach for one of them they were already full on punching and kicking Talya. I screamed "STOP" and pulled the girls away from talya one of them looked at me and said "who the heck are you?" in a snotty voice. i said "im calum but WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT TO TALYA!" she answerd "cause its fun!" she laughed and her and her friends walked away. i kneeled down to Talya and her eyes were closed obviouly meaning  she got knocked out i picked her up bridal style and started running toward the office where i was hopeing the nurse was. i got to the office and saw a sighn that said "nurse" i ran in there and said "please help! this girl got knocked out by another student!" she took talya from my arms. luckily Talya was only about 90 pounds so i knew the nurse could  hold her. she set Talya on the bed looking thing and said "ok Thank you! You may go back to class now" i started walking toward class and sat through school worring about Talya. I hadnt seen her for the rest of the day and got more worried i guess ill have to check on her tomorrow.

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