my hero

Talya has some issues...her bullies at school dont know what she going through at home. Then the new neibor Calum moves in and makes a change.


12. first date

Calum's p.o.v.

i woke up sitting on the recliner with a blanket over me. i heard Talya say "good morning cal!" i smiled and said "good morning my love! i got up and talya was in the kichen cooking. i ran upstairs and got ready really quick. i changed,brushed my teeth ect. i walked back downstairs and talya was still making breakfast. i walked up behind talya and said "hi my love!". "hey babe!" she said then turned around to kiss me. "can you grab two plates please?" she asked "course" i said while going to get the plates. i brought them back and Talya said "thanks!" she put some eggs and bacon on them then handed me one and smiled. we went and sat down and had our breakfast. i was staring at talya because she looked so beautiful. talya caught me staring at her. she laughed and asked "can i help you?" i nervously laughed and said "no your just too beautiful!" talya blushed a bright pink.  and said "no im no-. I immeditly stoped her and said "you are the most georgeous thing living on this earth and you cant say you arent cause youd just be lying to yourself!" she smiled and continued eating her breakfast. when we finished she grabbed both of our plates and put them in the sink. she came and held her hand out. i grabbed it then she took me to the couch. we cuddled for a bit. then i asked "hey talya? weve been best friends,and now were in a relationship and we still havnt gone on a real date! would you do me the honnor and let me take you out to dinner tonight?" talya replied "yes!! that would be amazing!" "yay!" i said happily *6:00* i was waiting downstairs for Talya. i heard footsteps  and looked over and saw talya. "oh my gosh talya you look so beautiful!!" she laughed and said "you look very nice yourself!" she was wearing a black short dress with dark red lipstick. her hair was curled and the cutest part was she was wearing her converse. i was wearing a black button up,black skinny jeans,and my hair was geled. "ready?" i asked talya holding my hand out. "yup!" she replied while grabbing my hand. we walked to the car and i opend talyas door,then closed it when she got in. i went to my side and got in. we drove to the restraunt and went in. we got seated then looked at the menu. after we orderd we talked about things like music,hobbies, and of course the walking dead. we finished our dinner and it was amazing. then talya said "ill be right back im gonna go to the bathroom before we go also dont pay the check it will make me feel bad!" she went to the bathroom and then i heard an elder lady at the table sitting next to us say "remember when were used to go on dates like that derrik?" "i sure do" the man replied. i smiled because they were so sweet. "excuse me sir?" i heard the man say to me. "yes?" i replied "dont you let her go! shes a keeper!" i laughed and said "she certinly is!" even though talya told me not to pay the check i did anyway. Talya came back pretty quickly and said "calum!!!" "yeah?" i replied "you payed the check didnt you!" she asked. "yes, yes i did"i said back. then she said "calum now i feel bad!" i replied "sweetheart its ok!" she crossed her arms and furrowed her eyebrows. the waitress brought my card back and then we left. "that was fun wasnt it?"i asked Talya "it was cal!! thank you so much for taking me!" she answerd. we arrived at home and changed into our pajamas. then we went downstairs to watch tv. we sat on the couch together and cuddled while watching spongebob (talya's favorite show) but hey you can never grow out of spongebob! after about an hour i noticed talya was asleep i turned off the tv and picked talya up and brought her upstairs. i laid her down than laid next to her. i put my arm around her and made and kissed her forehead. Then i slowly fell sleep.

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