my hero

Talya has some issues...her bullies at school dont know what she going through at home. Then the new neibor Calum moves in and makes a change.


5. church

Talya's p.o.v.

It was mighnight when i left calum's. the guys were sleeping over and his parents were out of town. i walked inside and my dad was sitting on the couch watch tv he sat up and said "WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU!" i was not in the mood to argue with a drunk guy so i just said "i was studying with a friend" my dad had no idea how ive been bullied at shcool he just thinks im  a normal studednt. my dad was about to say something else but i ran upstaris before he could. i was way too tired to change into my pjs so i just through up my hair into a high ponytail and went to bed. *the next morning* i woke up early to go to church. i showerd,changed,and brushed my hair and teeth and all the other stuff to get ready. church started at 10 and it was 9:15. i grabbed my phone and backpack then started walking.the church i go to is orchard it is a really small but ive been going here for years so got i attached to it. i made it just in time for worship. i stood up as they played music. they ended worship with a prayer i closed my eyes,bowed my head,and folded my hands. i heard a few people walk in but i didnt wanna look because its rude. the prayer ended and i sat down. i nearly jumped when i heard someone wisper "hey" i quickly turned my head and saw calum next to me i calmed down. i said hi back but we stopped our conversation to listen to the pastor. after about an hour we did our final prayer and church ended. me and calum walked out together i didnt notice ashton michael and luke sitting in the row behind us until i walked out. me and calum walked out onto the parking lot to wait for them. they finally came and we all talked for a bit just until it was time to go. calum offerd me a ride home but i decided to walk. it was the only way i could blast my music in my headphones without getting judged. i started walking home when i saw a fimilar car and it wasnt calum's. it was veronica's. the girl who bullies me at school. i went from walking to running as fast as i could. unfortanatly she noticed me running and turned her car around. her whole group of friends were there. she screamed "hey talya were you going?" and laughed like a witch. i ignored her and continued running super fast,but i guess it wasnt fast enough. she tackled me to the ground and started kicking and punching me. she twisted my arm and i heard a loud crack. she laughed that laugh when you messed someting up but it wasnt a big deal. i was in tears at this point my arm was in extreme pain. she ran back to her car so nobody would see what shed done. my vision got super blurry as i looked at my arm it was bloody and i couldnt move it. i got dizzy and my vision turned from blurry to white and thats when i passed out.

authors note:

Left you at a cliffhanger!!!! lol hope u liked this chapter! thanks for reading! xoxo

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