my hero

Talya has some issues...her bullies at school dont know what she going through at home. Then the new neibor Calum moves in and makes a change.


17. christmas

*2 weeks later*

Calums p.o.v.

Todays christmas and i got Talya a pretty amazing present! i got her a black audi with 2 rows of seats. i got up to go to pick up the car from michael's. i put on some black skinny jeans, a nasa shirt, then  a black hoodie. i kissed talyas forehead before leaving. the plan was that im going to go pick up the car then mikeys going to take mine then pick up the rest of the boys and bring them over. we decided to all have christmas together. peyton said she was coming over too. i went to mikeys and rang the doorbell. michael opend it and said "hey mate!"  "hi" i replied. michael grabbed the keys and handed them to me. "i know shell love her gift!" he said smiling. "i hope so!" i replied. i handed michel the keys to my car and we left i went back to the house and parked the car in the gradge so she wouldent see. about 20 minutes later michael and the rest of the boys arrived in my car. they quietly knocked so they wouldnt wake talya up. "hey guys" i said quietly they said hi back before putting a few more presents under the tree and taking a seat. "i guess i should go wake talya up" i said sitting up. i walked upstairs to our room and kissed talya's forehead befor saying "wake up sweetie!" "why??" she mumbles turning over. "because its christmas!" "fine" she answerd sitting up. i smiled and kissed her cheek before getting up. "get ready baby! peyton should be here soon!" she grabbed her phone and stood up. i stared walking out but she grabbed my hand and pulled me toward her and hugged me. i smiled at her and she smiled back. "i love you so much cal" she said pulling me closer. "i love you more!" i said smiling. she smiled and let go then went to get ready. i walked downstairs and hung out with the boys. a few moments later talya ran downstairs and came into the room. "hey guys! what do you want for breakfast?" michael stood up and said "PANCAKES!" "ok then panckaes it is than!" talya said laughing. she walked into the kitchen and started making breakfast. i put on the tv and me and the guys started watching it. then the doorbell rang, i got up to go get it but mikey stopped me. "ill get it!" he said running toward the door. he opened it and said "hi peyton!!" "hi!" she replied happily. she walked in and over to Talya. a bit later breakfast was ready. we all sat at the table and ate. when we finished Talya got up and said "hey cal i can i use your car? i gotta pick something up from the store." "sure!" i said "my cars parked in the driveway today by the way!" "ok thank you!" she said before leaving. *30 minutes later*

Talya came in the door holding an intersting box. she ran upstairs with it and came back down. "ok lets open gifts now!" michael shot up from his chair and ran to the living room. we all followed. we spent a while opening our gifts and just hanging out. i got some pretty cool gifts. luke got me and Talya matching metallica shirts, mikey got everyone tickets to a baseball game, ashton got me a really awesome beanie,and peyton got me some vinyals. the only two presents left were mine and talya's. i grabbed talyas hand and walked over to the garadge. "ready?" i asked "maybe?" she answerd i opened the door to the car and grabbed the keys. talya gasped then hugged me "CALUM THANK YOU SO MUCH!!" she said. she had tears in her eyes when i looked at her. "dont cry babe!" i said wiping her tear. "AWWWWWWWW" peyton said looking at us. we laughed then talya pulled me in to kiss. "ok ok! go sit down!" she said excitedly. she ran upstairs. and came back down with the weird looking box. she set it in front of me then sat close. i slowly opend the box. i looked in and saw the cutest puppy ever. "OH MY GOSH!!! ITS ADORABLE" i said picking him up. i pulled talya in closer and kissed her. "thank you baby! this is the best present ive ever got!!!" "what do you want to name her cal?" "ummm lets name her summer!" "i love that name!" she replied smiling. ther rest of the day was pretty chill. we just hung out and spent time with summer.

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