my hero

Talya has some issues...her bullies at school dont know what she going through at home. Then the new neibor Calum moves in and makes a change.


14. besties reunited

Peyton's p.o.v

I was so excited for today. i get to see my bestfriend for the first time in years!!  after saying goodbye to everyone in san diego i went and boarded the plane. im gonna tell you a bit about myself. my full name is Peyton Jayne Beckett,im 21 years old, im pretty tall but not too tall,but im for sure taller than Talya,i have blond hair with the ends died the colors of the galaxy and also im pretty energetic and sometimes stubborn. i texted talya to let her know i boarded the plane. she answerd right away. she said "yay im so excited!!" the plane ride was extremly boaring. all there was to do was listen to music and watch movies, but the movies cost money so i didnt buy any. the plane ride was finally coming to an end and i was so excited to see talya. i bought an apartment that was only about 5 blocks away from her house so we were going to see eachother pretty often. the plane ride finally ended and i got off. talya was picking me up and we would be spending the day together. i was also excited to meet calum. he seemed super sweet and perfect for talya. after going to the baggage claim i texted talya and asked where she was. she said she was bu section b and i was at c so luckily there wasnt that long of a walk i went to section b and looked for talya then i saw a short black haired girl on her phone. she looked up from her phone and saw me. we ran toward eachothe and hugged. i was so excited to see her that i almost knocked her over but luckily a tall black curly haird boy caught her. when we loosed our grip talya said "oh my gosh peyton ive missed you sooooo much!!!!" "me too!!!! i replied"  then she said "peyton this is calum my boyfriend, calum this is my best friend peyton. "hello!" calum said holding out his hand "hiya!! i said back grabbing his hand and shaking it. talya grabbed on of my bags and said "here i'll help you!" calum grabbed the bag from her and said "here let me get it, the bag probably weighs more than you do!" she forrowed her eyebrows and crossed her arms. we walked to the car and calum put my bags in the trunk. we drove to Talya and calums house first because i was spending the night. we arrived and the house was adorable! it was grey with a darker grey roof,the window frames were white and there were a few stone collums. we got out of the car and walked inside there were 3 other guys already inside. Talya grabbed my hand and took me to where the guys were then she said "guys this is peyton! peyton this is luke,michael and ashton!" "hi!" i said to all of them "they all responded with "hi!!!!" we all hung out together and michael seems to have alot in common with me! the guys left after dinner and i was staying in the guest bedroom. me and talya were on the couch and watching tv and she fell asleep. if you were her friend you would know how much Talya sleeps! calum came and sat down on another caouch and asked "did she pass out?" "yup!" i replied calum walked over and took talya and went to go sit back down talya was laying in calums arms like a baby would with her head on his chest. "so calum how has your relationship with talya been going?" i asked "its been the best time of me life" he said smiling, "i love this girl so much!"he continued "thats good, but i swear to god if you break heart ill break your face! no hard feelings!" i said. he paused and said "dont worry shes safe with me!" he said looking down at talya. soon enough calum and i both fell asleep on the couches.

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