my hero

Talya has some issues...her bullies at school dont know what she going through at home. Then the new neibor Calum moves in and makes a change.


13. a perfect day

Talya's p.o.v.

I woke up to my phone buzzing in my pocket i answerd it and said "hello?" "TALYA GUESS WHAT????!!!!!!" i could tell right away it was peyton. "yes?" i answerd  "ok, ok GUESS WHOS MOVING TO SYDNEY AUSTRALIA!!" i was shocked!!!! "NO!!!ARE YOU SERIOUS?????" i asked "100%" she answerd. "when are you coming?" i asked "in about a week! said peyton" we continued talking for a bit then we said goodbye. i ran around the house looking for calum. i couldnt find him. i went to look in our room ,i found a note and it read... Goodmoring sweetheart! i went to the store really quick,i'll be back in a bit! love ya!

so calums at the store i guess. i decided to get ready. i showerd,changed,and did all the other stuff. i also curled my hair. as i was doing my last curl i heard the door open and close. "im back Talya!" i heard calum say "ok im upstairs!" i said back. i heard his footsteps running up the stairs.he stepped into the room with his hands behind his back. i looked up from my phone and said "hey cal!" he replyed "hey talya! i got you something!" he took his hands from behind his back. he had a bouquet of flowers and starbucks. "calum!!! you didnt have to do this!" i said while hugging him. "oh i know!" he said smiling. "i love you so much cal!" i said before kising him. he handed me the flowers and the starbucks. he got the order perfect! i went downstairs to put the flowers in a vase. when i was done i set in in the middle of the dinner table. as i did that i heard calum ask "what are you doing!?!" "setting the flowers on the table. is that ok with you?" i replied. "no!! i wont be able to see your face when we eat together!!!" said calum. i laughed at how mad he got. "ok cal i'll move them"i said. i picked up the vase and put it on the kitchen counter where it was visible. calum handed me my starbucks and went over to the couch. i joined him and we sat together. i was so happy that i forgot to tell calum the great news. "babe guess what?!?!" i said "yes?" he replied. "my best friend peyton got an apartment here in sydney and shes gonna be moving here in a week!!!" i said happily "calum smiled and said "thats so cool!! im so happy for you!" after calum said that his phone rang. "hello?" he said into the phone "hiya!!!!! can me and the boys come over?" im assuming thats mikey. calum looked at me as if he asked if its ok with me. i nodded and calum said "yeah sure!"  "thanks mate!" mikey said before hanging up. me and calum waited for them as we sat on the couch together. about 20 minuets later the doorbell rang. "its open" calum said loud enough so the guys could hear. they walked in and michael said "whos ready to play some call of duty???" i laughed as michael ran over to the tv and turned it on. the guys were going against eachother for a while. michael won everytime. "i wanna try!" i said when their match ended. calum handed me his remote and said "good luck!" the game started and i was crushing michael. the match lasted for 5 minutes and the score was 74 to 58. "i won!!" i said happily michael looked dissapointed. "no my winning streak is gone!!" we all laughed and mikey crossed his arms "awww its ok mikey!" i said while running my fingers through his crazy hair. today was a pretty amazing day i  thought to myself as me and cal went to sleep.


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