my hero

Talya has some issues...her bullies at school dont know what she going through at home. Then the new neibor Calum moves in and makes a change.


10. a new beggining

3 years later

Talya's p.o.v.


The day has come! im now 20 years old and calum is 21. i still look the same with my long brown hair,frekles,and im still short! i was so excited to see cal again we have been talking everyday weather its texting,calling,or factimeing we havnt gone a day without talking. i was sad to leave samantha and mason. they were so sweet and took good care of me. we drove to the airport and i was so excited. me and calum just bought our own house and we get to live together now! we arrived to the airpot and i said goodbye to samantha and mason. yes you guessed it! i certinaly cried. i boarded the plane and went back to australia i got of the plane and calum was picking me up i was looking for him for about a minute then i found him we made dead eye contact befor running toward eachother.i ran and calum grabbed me and picked me up while hugging me. i was still in his arms when i kissed him. he didnt hesitate to kiss me back. he set me down and said "wow your still so short" we laughed and hugged eachother one last time. "calum i missed you so freking much!!" "i missed you too my love!" we walked out of the airport together while holding hands. i was so excited to see the house. ive seen it in pictures and facetime but i finally get to see it in person. we wer driving up to the neiborhood and calum said "cover your eyes!" so i did. the car stopped and calum go out. he walked over to my side and helped me get out. "on the count of 3 ok?" calum asked "ok!" i said "1...2...3!" i took my hands off my eyes. "oh my gosh it looks amazing!!!" calum smiled and said lets go inside! i nodded and calum swopped me off my feet and carried me to the front door. he unlocked it and we stepped in "SUPRISE!!" i looked over and michael,ashton,and luke were standing there i ran over and hugged all of them "you guys are so sweet!" "we know" michael said sarcasticly i laughed and then calum said "go look around babe!"  i took calums hand and said "not without you!" he smiled and walked with me. calum had already bought a whole bunch of fruniture and set it up. "it looks amazing cal!" i said before kissing him. "oh my gosh couple goals!" mikey said from behind us. i looked at him and said "actully were not a couple" "WHAT!?!" aston,mikey,and luke said altogether "well you need to be!" luke said. i looked at calum and he said "well then! talya raye jordan, would you like to be my girlfriend? "Yes of course!!" i said back calum smiled and i gave him a kiss on the cheek. we spent the rest of the day hanging out and watching movies until we got tired. luke,ashton,and michael stayed the night. as we were all on the couch i fell asleep on calums lap. he said goodnight to the guys and took me upstairs. he laid me down in the bed then pulled the covers over me. then he joined me. he pulled me close and soon drifted off to sleep.

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