Matthew Chandler is a boy with abilities beyond the normal human race. This doesn't mean he isn't human however. After getting into trouble with the law, Matthew is placed into a Detention Center where it seems he'll stay for the next few years of his life. But then something strange happens. Something strange starts to hunt him down. With nowhere to run or hide inside the detention center, Matthew's only hope is to escape.


2. Chapter Two

    And then, as I'm about to brush away all of Clark's worries and my own, his thoughts return to my attention.

    I've got to make sure that person is gone.

    I can't take any chances.

    Besides, I haven't done anything wrong.

    I'll be perfectly fine.

    Several moments then go by without any direct thoughts from Clark. Somehow though, I know he's creeping around. I can feel it.

    As I continue to wait, I start to hear noises coming form the side of the warehouse to my right. And before I can move, it’s gotten closer, just around the corner. At the same time I feel Clark's nervousness rise. Then I make the connection.

    Clark comes around the corner in an odd crouch-like position, with his knees bent and his back staying straight up. It's painfully obvious he'll never be in any physical line of business. When he sees me his face turns into a carousel of different expressions. At first he's surprised and then relieved. Finally, his mouth twists and he wears a crooked smile. For some unexplainable reason I want to smack it off him.

    "Wasn't sure you were gonna show up," he says.

    I shrug. Me either. Doesn't look like I have much of a choice now though.

    "Well, anyway, I'm glad you did." He starts walking to the other side of the warehouse and gestures for me to follow. "Cause let me tell you, Matt. This is going to be easy. A quick in and out for sure. Place doesn't even have cameras."

    For a minute I'm surprised by the confidence in his voice. I can't believe how this person could have been so nervous only a minute ago. I'm even tempted to see what's really going on in his head. Instead however, I just chop it up to being his famous talk. The kind of talk that he uses to get what he wants. And right now he wants my help.

    "How do you know that?" I ask.

     He quickly glances over his shoulder and answers without a pause. "Jay told me."

    At this, I stop. Jay is Clark's older cousin who's been in trouble with the law more times than you can count using male extremities. He's been busted three times for breaking and entering and is currently serving a year's sentence for the most recent one. The only tip I'm going to take from him is where to find a good lawyer.

    Clark notices I've stopped and turns around to face me. It's clear from his expression that he expected my reaction. "Chill Matt. I did my homework and checked out the city's records. The building was constructed in the late 1950's. No way it was fitted with cameras."

    I try to relax my body and start walking again. I don't believe he's checked the city records–I doubt he even knows how, but I figure he's still right about the age of the warehouse. It looks old. Fifties or sixties at least.

    We stop at the other side of the warehouse–where Clark was originally. The first thing I notice are the two large air conditioner systems set against the side of the building. They don't appear to be in working condition. Above them, about eleven or twelve feet from the ground, is a window. I figure it’s dimensions are somewhere around 5x2 feet.

    "That's how we'll get in," Clark says as he see's me staring at it. "Not sure if there's anything on the inside to land on though, so it might be a steep drop. But that ain't a problem though, right?"

    I shake my head.

    "Good. Then I guess we best get started."

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