Matthew Chandler is a boy with abilities beyond the normal human race. This doesn't mean he isn't human however. After getting into trouble with the law, Matthew is placed into a Detention Center where it seems he'll stay for the next few years of his life. But then something strange happens. Something strange starts to hunt him down. With nowhere to run or hide inside the detention center, Matthew's only hope is to escape.


4. Chapter Four


   I end up taking one of the backpacks and swinging it over my shoulder. Clark might give me a funny look, but I'll tell him it’s for carrying stuff. Besides, I haven't seen anything much better yet. And it's about time.

    Before I go on, I stop and try to make a connection to Clark again. It's harder because I can't see him, but as I focus I can start to feel him. I can feel him moving through the aisles. I can feel him opening certain boxes and going through them. And then I establish the connection.

    More and more crap, he thinks.

    I can find better stuff than this, dumpster diving.

    I smile. It looks like he's not doing much better than me in his search. Hopefully however, our luck changes. I can't imagine all the work and risk being for nothing.

    Clark complains to himself more as I move to the next row. His comments begin to fade though when I start to open a set of boxes. In the first one, I find nothing more than bubble wrap and a few candles. But the second one is full of CD's. They all look like they're within a year old and some of them from famous artists. I grab a handful and stick them in my backpack.

    I move to the boxes nearby and start opening them too. If this aisle is laid out like the others, they should have similar stuff. Sure enough, when I get a look inside, I see they do–more CD's, DVD's, and some computer games. Without even seeing what I'm taking I snatch up a handful of each and shove them in my bag.

    I'm tempted to go through even more, but I stop myself. I've already taken enough and caused these suppliers more trouble than they deserve. Instead, I try to revive my connection to Clark.

    For some reason it's harder than I expected this time. It feels like something keeps drawing my attention away somehow. And at first I can't understand what, but then I make a realizationand it scares me. We're not alone. At least not anymore.

    Trying to get into someone's head when there are other people present is like trying reading a book in a room full of loud music. And right now, when I try to reach Clark, the music is blaring in my head–or his.

    Since I can't see or hear anyone inside, I figure they must be outside the building. Immediately, I run over to the other side of the building, to warn Clark. When I get there though, I check all the aisles, but can't find him. Then I look over at the window we came in from–It's closed and there's a large pile of boxes underneath. He left.

    My brain starts racing as I think about my situation. I can't believe he just left me here. He must have heard the people outside. The people. They're still there and I need to get out. Quickly.

    I go over to the stack of boxes near the window and I'm about to start climbing, when I think of something. The people keeping me from getting into Clark’s head–they weren't near me, they must have been near Clark. I try reaching him again, but can't–they must still be there. I stop and head in the other direction. I can't think of any other scenario where Clark would be around people right now, other than if he was caught. And if I try to leave the same way, I will be too.

    I decide to run back over to side of the warehouse, where I got the backpack, and look for an exit. I don't have time to go out through one of the windows, and I'm not sure my legs could take another fall like before. I'm able spot a door at the end of an aisle and rush over to it though. Thankfully, I can unlock it from the inside without a key. Then, without looking back, I swing the door open.

    Immediately I come to face with the barrel of a gun.


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