Mr. Clown (Spooky story competition)

Kurt loves Halloween. He loves it mostly because of the pranks, and the candy. This Halloween, Kurt stumbles upon something else other than a kid to spook, or a whole bowl of candy outside of the neighbors door. Kurt see's a Clown. Mr. Clown isn't as friendly as he thought he would be. (Movellas spookie story competition)


3. The day after

Morning has arrived and his wounds kind of healed with his prescripted medication his mother provided.

His sister walks in with a sad face.

"Whats wrong?" His mothers asks her.

"You guys may want to see this.." She replies with an unbelievably sad face.

They turn on the TV. The clown from last night had been arrested. What they didn't know is that this clown was a serial killer who has committed 37 murders and only murders on Halloween. His name was Kevin Brown. By day he worked at target, at night he drank from blood bags he kept from his previous murders. He only murders on Halloween because he was born on Halloween.

Kurt now knows. Sometimes, take peoples words for things.


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