Mr. Clown (Spooky story competition)

Kurt loves Halloween. He loves it mostly because of the pranks, and the candy. This Halloween, Kurt stumbles upon something else other than a kid to spook, or a whole bowl of candy outside of the neighbors door. Kurt see's a Clown. Mr. Clown isn't as friendly as he thought he would be. (Movellas spookie story competition)


2. Mr.Clown

    As Kurt continued on the path, there were little candies lined up on the ground.

"Ahhh! I see it's a trail of candy and at the end is more candy!" Kurt said out loud. He continued to follow the trail. It kept going, and going.

    Kurt had a full candy bucket now. He was getting overwhelmed. He just couldn't wait until he told his friends about his candy jackpot! Kurt had collected 16 pieces of salt water taffy, 32 mini pixie sticks, and a variety of other sweets.

    Kurt felt it was time to turn back now. The path was going to go on forever. As soon as Kurt turned back, he saw a tall skinny dark figure. Kurt froze. He was actually frightened for the first time ever in his entire life. Kurt shivered.

"Don't be afraid." The figure said. 

Kurt was still a bit skeptical about the figure. 

"Wh-who- a-are y-you?" He asked it. The figure laughed. 

"Turn around and keep going." The voice got sketchier by the second to Kurt. Something about this adventure wasn't feeling right to Kurt. He knew something was wrong.

"I-I see y-you're just one of the h-high schoolers trying to joke with me!" He replied.

Suddenly the moon rose over the tree's which gave a little light for Kurt to see the figure. As soon as the light hit the figures face, Kurt knew. It was a clown.

"PLEASE DONT KILL ME!" Kurt begged. He continued to beg but Mr. Clown shook his head. 

"You should have kept walking!" Mr. Clown scolded. Mr.Clown brought out his knife and inched closer to Kurt. Tears began to stream down his face. Kurt was actually crying.

Mr.Clown let out the most nasty laugh. "I can kill you right now." He said.

Out of nowhere, Mr. Clown slashed a line into Kurt's face. He screamed. His face dripping with blood.

"If you would have kept going, I could have murdered you the way I wanted! But no!!!!"He continued to yell and slash at Kurt with his knife. Luckily, Kurt had been dodging. 

Mr. Clown stared at Kurt with his blood red eyes. 

"Can I kill you?" he asks.

Kurt screams again. From a distance they can hear somebody yell, "Is anybody here?!"

The clowns grin drops. He looks at his knife and licks it. Kurt started to gag. 

"mmmmmmmm.."Mr. Clown groaned. He got close to Kurt, lifted up his knife, and before he could slash him to death, he heard more people come closer.

Suddenly, a bunch of men in uniform had circled the clown and Kurt. One of the men Tazered Mr. Clown.

Kurt felt dizzy because of all the blood he had lost. Another police officer took his knife away and replaced that with some hand cuffs.

Kurt was for sure he was safe now.

   Kurts family was waiting on the porch. As soon as they saw him they embraced him tightly.

"Why would you go trick or treating by yourself!?" his mother asked. 

His sister kissed him on the forehead.

"What the hell. You could have been killed." She embraces him then lets go to give his father a turn.

After they all get their hugs and kisses, they all went to bed.



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