Mr. Clown (Spooky story competition)

Kurt loves Halloween. He loves it mostly because of the pranks, and the candy. This Halloween, Kurt stumbles upon something else other than a kid to spook, or a whole bowl of candy outside of the neighbors door. Kurt see's a Clown. Mr. Clown isn't as friendly as he thought he would be. (Movellas spookie story competition)


1. Halloween night

     It was Halloween night. 12 year old Kurt Busby wanted to invite some friends to go and play pranks on little kids. His mother was out, and his father was at a dinner party. He was only left with his older sister who was too old for trick or treating. Kurt picks up his telephone and dials his friend James's number. James was one of Kurt's trouble maker friends along with Tyler, Will, Aidan, and Michael. 

"Hey James. Want to go and rob some little kids candy?" Kurt asks James over the phone.

"I can't. My mom said she'll take me around the neighborhood  because there are killer clown sightings." James replied.

Kurt thought this was the most ridiculous thing he had ever heard of. 

"What a lie! it's just probably a bunch of kids our age dressing up as clowns to scare kids and steal their candy!" Kurt exclaimed. He had never felt so rejected in his life. Especially while being Mr. Popular in school.

"Well...i'm sorry. I just don't want us to risk going out alone together." James says quietly.

"Fine. I'll ask my other friends. sheesh." Kurt hangs up and dials his other friends numbers.

    Kurt had dialed all of his friends numbers. Even the girls numbers. None of them could come, or wanted to come. the same excuse over and over again was used. Killer clown sightings. 

    Kurt had enough of this nonsense and grabbed his things and wet out his front door. Outside of his house were groups of children with holiday spirit trick or treating with their parents. Kurt scoffed at this because his friends can't even go trick or treating. Kurt went house to house in his neighborhood not running into any clowns. HAHA!he thought. He just kept smirking to himself. His friends were missing out on his wonderful candy-ful night.

   Kurt had gotten bored. He robbed 6 little fairies, 7 little soldiers, and 3 little ghosts. He started to kick rocks on the side of the road. Suddenly, out of no where, is a path to the woods. In front of the path, there's a sign. The sign says, "COME AND GET UNLIMITED CANDY HERE! JUST KEEP WALKING!" Kurt's eyes widened. His blonde hair gleams in the moonlight and it matches with his excitement. 

"Lets do this!" He said to himself.

Before you know it, Kurt had started on the path.

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