Halloween - The Spooky Tale

What an original title....


3. Chapter 2

October 30th  ~ 7:07 PM

Daylight savings is over, so it gets darker at around 5pm. It's sad but I'd say it's good for halloween. Being all spooky, and all. 

I had just finished making the pumpkin soup and chocolate bites. I put them all in the fridge ready for tomorrow. I might as well head off to bed, everything seems done for now otherwise. As I walked up to my room, I saw something odd. The lights in my bedroom were flickering on and off, and so was the switch. Huh, must be some faul-

Before I could finish what I said, all the lights in the house had gone out. "A fault," I had thought. But wait. I keep thinking these things, but is it really true? Did something happen to the checkout operator? Did someone else open my door? Was it not a prank call on the phone? Is someone playing with the lights? But who? Who could be behind this?

I decided to keep a video camera on in my room to see if I could see anything in the middle of the night.

October 31st ~ 9:42 AM

I'm a little shocked. Well, not a little. A lot. The video tape showed some sort of misty presence lurking around, but it was hard to see the details. I don't really know what to do. There's a ghost in my house....? Anyways, today is Halloween after all. All the spooky souls that never rested well are coming back to haunt us.


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