Kik//Harry Styles\\

Harrybo has sent you a message! Would you like to chat?


2. One:Who are you?

Harrybo:hey baby

Chemsromantic:who are you?

Harrybo:you're Jessica right? We met at the club last night

Chemsromantic:I didn't go to a club last night and my name isn't Jessica

Harrybo:who are you then?



Chemsromantic:yeah,and no I'm not black. I'm white.

Harrybo:I wasn't going to ask

Chemsromantic:everyone asks,just thought I'd clarify before the question came up

Harrybo:so Lakisha,is it lay-kisha or lah-kisha


Harrybo:got it,how was your day?

Chemsromantic:it's been okay? What's it to you?

Harrybo:just wondering. :)

Chemsromantic:no no no. You're doing it wrong. It has to have a nose. Like this :-)

Harrybo:like this? :-)

Chemsromantic:yes,precisely like that.

Harrybo:it feels wrong.

Chemsromantic:but it's right. Without a nose he can't breathe and if he can't breathe he dies. And you don't want him to die do you?

Harrybo:are you on drugs?

Chemsromantic:blazin :-)

Harrybo:okay then. I've got to go,this has been a strange conversation.

Chemsromantic:if you're ever bored,just Kik me. I'm always on here,mostly changing my profile picture or on druggie group chats.

Harrybo:have a good day.

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