Letters to Him

This is a random diary from someone random that I decided to make. Hope you enjoy! Love T-Heart
Hey guys, My name is RandomWatermelons99 (not giving out my real name) and I will be taking over this diary because Tegan doesn't like this guy anymore, but I do. Hope you like it. -RandomWatermelons


7. October 14th, 2016

Dear Landon,

     Today we went to the jump place with the school. I found you and the other "pops" and you guys actually hung out with me. We went to dodge ball, but you got hit in the face and ended up getting a bloody nose. I tried to help you, but you just pushed me away. Then you pushed me, which by the way kinda hurt, and knocked me down. Later I was doing flips, front and back, and I landed and twisted my arm behind me, the one that I broke, the one that didn't heal correctly, the one I forgot to use the stress ball for. You saw me, you saw I got hurt, and unlike me you just stood there, staring, then walked away. Such a "good" (not really) "friend." I wish you would understand me. I have to go eat brownies and possibly sleep now. Thanks for nothing... "friend." Bye.



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