Letters to Him

This is a random diary from someone random that I decided to make. Hope you enjoy! Love T-Heart
Hey guys, My name is RandomWatermelons99 (not giving out my real name) and I will be taking over this diary because Tegan doesn't like this guy anymore, but I do. Hope you like it. -RandomWatermelons


6. October 10th, 2016

Dear Landon,

      Today in Science you kept staring at me and you also made kissy faces at me. You asked if I was going to the Trampoline place on Friday with the school, and I said I don't know. Then you asked if I wanted to go to your house on Friday. You had asked Anna before me, but you still asked me. You then said to Scott "Hey Scott, party at my house on Friday. It'll be you me Anna and Brianna." Then our teacher jokingly said "What about me? I'm not invited?" And Anna and I both laughed. How do you manage to make us laugh so hard? You, Mr. Math (not saying our Math teacher's name) and Anna are the only people who can make me cry from laughing so hard. Literally, this year is the only year that I've cried from laughing, Mr. Math was the first person and you were second, Anna was the third person. You still somehow manage to make me laugh really hard. I've gotta go for now, Homework... I'll write tomorrow. Bye.



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