Letters to Him

This is a random diary from someone random that I decided to make. Hope you enjoy! Love T-Heart
Hey guys, My name is RandomWatermelons99 (not giving out my real name) and I will be taking over this diary because Tegan doesn't like this guy anymore, but I do. Hope you like it. -RandomWatermelons


8. December 7th, 2016

Dear Landon,

      I know I haven't written for a while. You're starting to be nice to me. You even seem like you have a little crush on me. Right now I'm in German, you're in Spanish. I know your schedule. It goes:

1. EA (Exploratory Arts) Right now it's Health

2. Gym/Choir

3. American History

4. Language Arts

5. Lunch

6. Enrichment (Study Hall)

7. Math

8. Spanish

9. Science

We have almost the same schedule. Mine goes:

1. EA (Exploratory Arts) Right now it's health

2. Gym/Band

3. American History

4. Language Arts

5. Lunch

6. Enrichment (Study Hall, Different Teacher)

7. Math

8. German

9. Science

I have to go, Science next. Write later.



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