Supernatural: Reborn

A girl named, Ari, or Ariana, is turned by a vampire in her neighborhood. Can Sam Winchester save her, and his brother before it's too late?


13. The End

Sam picked me off the ground, and Dean fallowed both of us. He put me into the backseat, and he got into the backseat with me. 

     "Ha," Dean smiled. "Love birds." 

     "I think I liked you better when you were puking," I retorted. Sam smiled, Dean shook his head, and I laughed. 


The Next Day... 

  "So I guess this is good bye?" I asked Sam, and he nodded. He smiled, and I hugged him. 

    "Yeah, it is," Sam whispered. 

    "Thank you," I whispered. "Here." I handed him a bracelet my father had made for me. Sam took it. "To remember me bye." He got into the car, and Dean looked at me. 

    "Well," he said. I looked down at my hands. "If it wasn't for you, I guess I would be dead. I mean after killing myself. So thanks." I smiled, and he hugged me. He got into the car, and I watched the Impala disappear. 

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