Supernatural: Reborn

A girl named, Ari, or Ariana, is turned by a vampire in her neighborhood. Can Sam Winchester save her, and his brother before it's too late?


6. Sam and I

Sam grabbed my hand, without thinking. He locked the door behind us, and we walked out to the Impala. I smiled, as we got in. 

    "Why was he like that?" I asked.

    "Fledglings are like that," Sam said. "Your helping me, he can't. They'll be searching for both of you, so be careful." 

    "Got it," I said. I held my breath. 

    "Are you okay?" Sam asked me as the car jerked into motion.

    "Yeah, just turn on the radio, I need some distraction," I groaned. 'Carry On My Wayward Son' came on, and I smiled. He did too. 

    He dropped me off, at the corner where I was turned. So I stood there, he was parked on the other side of the road, so he could fallow me. I sat down on the side walk, and the man showed. 

   "Ah," the man smiled. 

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