Supernatural: Reborn

A girl named, Ari, or Ariana, is turned by a vampire in her neighborhood. Can Sam Winchester save her, and his brother before it's too late?


3. Sam and Dean

I opened my eyes then. I was laying in bed in a motel room. Dean was staring at me, and that's when the sun hit my eyes. I groaned, and shielded my eyes. 

    "Oh, sorry," Sam said closing the blinds. "Dean what do we do?" 

    "I got something don't turn on any lights," I groaned. Sam smiled. "And another thing. You guys got to tie me up." A phone started to ring, it was Dean's. 

    "Yeah Bobby," he answered. "Okay, okay, hang on Bobby. Let me put you on speaker." Dean set the phone on the table, and a voice rang through the room. 

    "Dean, there's no fixing fledglings," Bobby said. 

    "Bobby you sure?" Sam asked. 

    "You idgits! Didn't you hear what I said?" Bobby yelled. Sam tried to touch me. He was getting too close. I could hear his heartbeat, and the blood that rushed in his veins. I clenched my hands, and my stomach squeezed. I turned away from him, something sharp slid out of my gums. 

    "Bobby, we got to find a cure," Dean said. 

    "Tie me, you idiots!" I yelled then. Sam got rope from the 67 Chevy Impala outside. 

    "Who is that?" Bobby asked. 

    "Fledgling," Dean answered. "She hasn't told us her name yet." 

    "It's Ari," I said my nickname. My real name was Ariana, but I usually don't tell people-. I groaned out, as Dean's heartbeat came into range. Sam came back, but I was already on my feet. 

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