Supernatural: Reborn

A girl named, Ari, or Ariana, is turned by a vampire in her neighborhood. Can Sam Winchester save her, and his brother before it's too late?


10. On The Street Again

Authors note: Okay the title of Chapter ten is supposed to be a joke. Note a very good one though right? 


"Dean," I said. "I can't kill it." Sam walked in. 

    "Sam step back. You're blood is so freakin' loud right now!" Dean hit the wall next to him. "Damn!" 

    "What?" I asked looking at Sam. Sam shrugged. I looked back at Dean, and then I heard it. Sam's heartbeat. It was moving a little faster, and I looked at him. 

     "How many freakin' times is this going to happen to me!" Dean was yelling still. He punched the wall, and a large hole about the size of his fist appeared in the wall. I shook my head. Then I felt the thirst creep up my throat. I coughed, and sat on the foot board of the bed. 

    "Ouch," I groaned, as Sam turned on the lamp. Dean smiled, and I looked up at him. 

     "Okay who wants to kill a bitch?" he asked. We walked out, and we were headed on the road again. 

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