Supernatural: Reborn

A girl named, Ari, or Ariana, is turned by a vampire in her neighborhood. Can Sam Winchester save her, and his brother before it's too late?


5. Dean and I

I was feeling sleepy, and Dean had already laid on one of the beds. So I laid on the other. I curled myself into the the covers. I fell asleep then. 

     When I woke up, and Dean was still sleeping. I slowly sat up. I started thinking of Sam. What did he think of me? Was I just some girl he didn't care about? I probably was. It was almost sunset. Sam walked in, and Dean's eyes opened. His teeth grew like sharks teeth, and I stood. 

    "Dean?" Sam asked, and I stood in between Dean's bed and Sam. Dean jumped onto his feet, and I looked back at Sam. His had something in his hand. A vial? Or a shot? I had no idea. 

    "Dean, calm down," I looked back at Dean. Dean lunged at me, and I decided to protect the thing I was hungry for. I grabbed Dean's arm, and he grabbed my hair. He punched with his other hand, and I felt the room spin underneath my feet. No, I grabbed him, and pulled as hard as I could. He fell backwards, and Sam gripped the thing he had in hits hand. He launched himself at Dean, and shoved the liquid down Dean's throat. Red veins ran down Dean's neck, and a horrid odor hit my nostrils. Blood, but it was rotten. Dean starting coughing. 

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