Rocket and Lylla (Don't leave me!)

Lylla and Rocket were only the sweet couple they were now because her parents weren't alive. SO Rocket and Wal-rus took it upon themselves to take care of her. One day she discovers that her parents are alive and well, but maybe that's not such a good thing as she may have 'Daddy issues' when it came to her relationship to her soul-mate


4. Understanding

Both Otters were in shock! 

"When?! How?!" asked Lylla's mother as her left ear was raised a little as she heard Lylla's sobs coming from upstairs, faint, but one could still hear her. 

Wal-rus sighed and told them the story of the concentration camp, Delta-v9. He explained that not only was Rocket killed in that mission, but in front of Lylla's own eyes. Which made it worse.

Lylla's mother sat down as it was alot to take in. 'He was such a nice loving and caring of Lylla. They were like siblings, they grew up together ends like this?! No wonder she's been so miserable. It must've been heartbreaking...the poor girl. We...we should've never come back' she thought to herself. 

'Finally...i get my daughter to myself. But...why does it feel so wrong? It's what I've wanted' thought Lylla's father. "I'll go talk to her" Spoke Lylla's father as started to get up when Lylla's mother objected "No, I'll go. Besides she's in alot of pain and you'd only make things worse."

Lylla's mother went upstairs and found Lylla on the bed, lying down sideways away from the door. Holding what she suspected was a picture of Rocket, she could still hear Lylla sob and sniff. She sat down on the bed and placed a hand on her shoulder, gently stroking her fur. 

"I'm sorry" Spoke her mother

"About what?" Lylla asked, trying to hide her misery and trying to look cheerful. It worked to some extent, it was clear that she didn't trust her or her father too much anymore.

"Rocket...oh baby i heard"

Lylla then started to cry, her mother hugged her and kissed her forehead. "We never should've come back" she said

"No...It's not your fault. Well...maybe dad's"

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