Rocket and Lylla (Don't leave me!)

Lylla and Rocket were only the sweet couple they were now because her parents weren't alive. SO Rocket and Wal-rus took it upon themselves to take care of her. One day she discovers that her parents are alive and well, but maybe that's not such a good thing as she may have 'Daddy issues' when it came to her relationship to her soul-mate


3. Shattered

Rocket and Lylla reach home and she knocks on the door, her mother opens the door and gasps when she sees the two together.

"Rocket! It's been while" She exclaims

"Yeah it has" He replies

"Wanna stay a while Rocky?" Lylla asks

Not wanting to hurt her, Rocket says yes as enters he house. "Do you want coffee or anything Rocket?" 

"Yes...please. Did I ever tell you that you make the best coffee's ever?" Rocket says

"Oh it's nothing really Rocket" she chuckles as she prepares some hot coffee for Rocket. Once done, Rocket drinks it and washes the cup himself. And helps around the house. 

Knowing that her father would return, Rocket bid both otters goodbye, Lylla, In front of her mother give Rocket a kiss. Lylla's mother is in awe at the affection displayed by both lovers. He waves both goodbye again and walks home, Lylla closes the door and faces her mother.

"He's such a nice boy...helping around the house. And was that a kiss I just saw?" she asks Lylla

" was".

As Rocket was walking away from the house, he got slammed into a tree by a furious otter. Lylla's father.


"I'm sorry sir..." Rocket whimpers 

"This THING that you two have...IS OVER!" he shouts and Rocket's ears fall, and his eyes shake. "STAY AWAY FROM HER!" He yells, mistakenly at the top of his voice. Lylla heard it and moved towards the window and she pulled the curtains back, only to find her boyfriend pinned to a tree being yelled at by her father. Her heart breaks into pieces and her ears drop. She runs out of the house, leaving her mother in shock. She stands in between the two men and shouts at her dad "STOP IT!" 

"GET LOST ROCKET!" He screams. Rocket starts to walk away and Lylla grabs his hand and shouts "NO!"

"Lylla...I can't" he mutters

"NO! You can't leave me!" Lylla sobs as she hugs Rocket. He returned it but her father tried to separated it. "NO!" Lylla screams as she resists the pull. "I love you" Lylla says to Rocket as she cries, "I love you too". He finally separated them and Rocket walks away...breaking Lylla's heart with each step he took. 

She turns to her dad, coldly and enraged "YOU SHOULD'VE STAYED DEAD YOU...YOU BASTARD!" she shouts at the top of her voice. Her Father slaps he hard across the face "OW!" She screams and Rocket stops dead in his tracks, he shivers in anger as his face changed from sorrow to rage.

He runs back and as her father was about to slap her again for calling him a bad name, Rocket punches him across the face, he stumbles back and falls to the ground. Lylla looks up in shock as she sees Rocket standing tall in front of her.

"No one....and I mean NO ONE hurts Lylla on my watch!" Rocket growls. "I made her Uncle a promise" Rocket said sh he pointed to Lylla. "That I would protect her with my Life against ANYONE who means to do her harm...and If i fall then so be it ,but NOBODY HURTS MY BABY GIRL LYLLA ON MY WATCH! AND THAT'S A PROMISE I WILL ALWAYS KEEP!" Rocket declares with all the raw emotion and power behind his voice.

"You call yourself a father?! Why I ought to..." Rocket says as he calms himself and picks Lylla up from the dirt and brushes the dirt off of her. "I don't need YOUR approval to date her or care for her! Cause I got Wal-rus's approval, and that outweighs yours by a ton. He and I brought her up, he was her dad and I her brother. YOU got nothing on her...she's my baby girl and THAT'S THAT!" He shouted. Lylla smiles as Rocket carries her inside her house and places her on her couch. He saw that her face and some scratches that were bleeding from the slap, he used tissues to clean her wound. Lylla's mother got antiseptic and applied it on her face she hissed a little at the stinging, Rocket's face dropped and Lylla spoke up

"This wasn't your fault" She said

"It was..."

"No...I heard the whole thing wasn't" added Lylla's mother. He smiled as he left the house.....


                                                                                   A few months later

Lylla's mother noticed that her daughter's attitude and emotional state had gone wack. One day, Wal-Rus was invited to dinner. Once done, Lylla excused herself and went upstairs. and her mother sighed

"I don't know what's wrong with her"

"She didn't tell you?" Wal-rus asked

"Tell me what?"

" didn't know about Rocket?" Wal-rus asked

"Humph! He probably broke her heart" Snickered her father

"In a way yes... "

"What did he do?" Her mother asked, in shock

"He died"




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