Rocket and Lylla (Don't leave me!)

Lylla and Rocket were only the sweet couple they were now because her parents weren't alive. SO Rocket and Wal-rus took it upon themselves to take care of her. One day she discovers that her parents are alive and well, but maybe that's not such a good thing as she may have 'Daddy issues' when it came to her relationship to her soul-mate


6. Dreams

After he outrage, Lylla went back up and finished packing her stuff. She heard further arguments downstairs but she ignored them, by the time she finished she went the her bed and pulled back the covers. She yawned and got on the bed and pulled the covers to cover her, she fluffed her pillow and rested her head on it. She looked at a picture of her and Rocket together which was framed and on the table next to her. 


The picture was taken two years prior to the death of Rocket. The picture showed Rocket hugging Lylla, his chin resting on Lylla's right shoulder. The two were standing with Lylla in front and Rocket at the back, Lylla had her left paw on Rocket's cheek. 

Lylla smiled at the memory and closed her eyes, she started to have a flashback about Rocket and her as a couple. Before any of this came to be. 


Flashback starts: Rocket enters through the door and Lylla runs towards him and has him entangled in a hug. Rocket responds back by lifting her chin and kissing her on her soft lips, Lylla returns it more passionately and soon the two of them make out on the couch.

"How was today?" Lylla asked between a kiss


"Fantastic...I wished you were there" Rocket replied as he continued to smooch. 


" is my day off." Lylla giggled as she deepened her next kiss.


"Yeah...well i can't seem to get enough of you." Rocket says as he kisses her again he finishes off a kiss and says "I like that"


Lylla blushes and her golden fur on her cheeks turns pink. She smiles and kisses Rocket back "You're so sweet!" 


"My heart or the taste of my lips?" Rocket asks playfully as he brings his soulmate closer and kisses her again. Lylla rolls her eyes back after finishing the kiss in amusement to Rocket's question


"Both" Lylla responds as she flips Rocket over so that he's laying on the couch, she brings him closer and gives him a deep, and loving kiss. 


"I love you baby girl" Rocket says as he cuddles her and plants a quick kiss on her cheek. Lylla stops kissing to absorb the feeling of her being in his arms, she likes it a lot and doesn't want him to let go. Lylla rests her body on Rockets' and wraps her arms around his neck, touching his forehead with hers and says "I love you too" Lylla says, shedding a tear.


Rocket knows that he's touched her heart, as she only cries when she's deeply touched. He then says ", what's for lunch?"


"Oh I'm glad you asked! I'm cooking today"


"Oh ok. I'm just gonna take my shower upstairs" Rocket said as he got up and stretched. He went upstairs to the room where he'd stay if he were to ever come to Lylla's place, but ideally the two soul-mates shared the master bedroom. So, making an exception he decided to bathe there for today so he undressed and went in, he turned on the hot water and went inside the shower, closing the glass door behind him. Steam then covered the glass, blocking any external view of Rocket. He heard a knock on the door and he turned the pressure down a little and said "Lylla? Is that you?"


"Yeah...lunch is ready and boy am I worked up. I could...really use a shower right now, could I..." Lylla says as she hesitates


"Could you what?" Rocket asks


"Could I join you? All the other bathrooms don't really have that warm water" Lylla asked, blushing. She was aware that Rocket had seen her undressed before, granted that she'd seen him topless at night but...not bottomless. 


"Yeah sure! Come in the water's fine" Rocket responded feeling a little shy as well, as he knew what was on Lylla's mind.


Lylla grabbed a towel outside and stepped in, letting some steam out. She undressed and opened the glass door, she tried to focus her attention on Rocket's upper body but at times her eyes betrayed her and she took a quick glance. She stepped in and let the warmth of the water soak her, she closed the door behind her and stood next to Rocket. 

"Could you pass me the body wash?" Lylla asks and Rocket gives it to her with a smile. "How's about I put some on your back?"


"Sure" She complies as she trusts him not to give in to his male instincts, not that he's displayed any before. Rocket puts some of the wash on his paws and gently rubs it on her back soothingly, he felt his male like urges compelling- but his will was stronger and he ignored them. Lylla noticed that and smiled as she knew that Rocket was pure of heart and would never do something so...vile. She'd seen some of her friends succumb to their urges but...not Rocket.


He then moves on to more lower regions leading to her backside he just curves his hands around there quickly and moves on to her legs. Deep within Lylla, she felt a little disappointed as she'd though that he'd linger there for a while...seduce her. But those feelings were quickly shut down.


Once he finished applying the body-wash, he moved on to clean himself. After 5 minutes, Rocket and Lylla wash themselves and exit the bathroom carefully, drying themselves with their towels. 


They adorned new cloths and put the old ones for laundry and proceeded to eat. Rocket enjoyed the meal, especially desert, where Lylla made a chocolate fudge cake. After eating, Rocket noticed that it was getting late but there was a rain-storm. Rocket then called his brother and told him that he'd be putting the night up at Lylla's place. 


The two soul-mates got tired and went to the master-bedroom to sleep. 



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