Rocket and Lylla (Don't leave me!)

Lylla and Rocket were only the sweet couple they were now because her parents weren't alive. SO Rocket and Wal-rus took it upon themselves to take care of her. One day she discovers that her parents are alive and well, but maybe that's not such a good thing as she may have 'Daddy issues' when it came to her relationship to her soul-mate


5. Departure

"I loved him, with all my heart..." Lylla sobbed "I understand dear...but what does your father have to do with this?" "He always pushed Rocket away, a FORCED him to stay away from me for a YEAR. I thought we had broken up...but when I confronted him he told me that dad did it. I didn't spend enough time with him...there was alot I wanted to tell him. But I never got that chance! Rocket wanted to get me something for the day when we first met...but, I never got it since he died. His last words were ' Lylla...I love you, I'm so sorry I hurt you and distanced myself from you for a year...I made you sad and heartbroken, I'm a terrible Boyfriend. You deserve better, I failed you Lylla...I couldn't tell you about what your dad did, I was SCARED of him ending our relationship. But overall...I love you Lylla, my baby girl' "Lylla sobbed and sobbed and cried her heart out. "When I was sad...he came to me and comforted me! When I was in Pain he hugged me and helped me to bear it! I had to watch in HORROR as he bore HALF of MY BURDEN in PAIN!!! But...he still looked at me and smiled. He supported me...LOVED ME! AND NOW.....HE"S GONE!!!!!!!!" Lylla shouted as she coughed and sobbed before whimpering "gone...I....I"M ALL ALONE AGAIN!!! I'M ALL ALONE!!! ALONE!!!!!!!!" she shouted and sobbed and coughed Lylla's mother was sad and felt tears stream down her cheeks, Rocket really ment all those things? He was a good boy and took good care of Lylla. ' We should've never come back' she thought "I'm so sorry Lylla" muttered her mother as she left the room, with Lylla crying heavily. When she went down, Wal-rus had left. She went to her husband to chew him out. "Is it true?!" She asked "About what?" He responded "You forced Rocket to stay away from Lylla" He sighed in irritation "Not this...change the topic" "Did you or not?!" She asked again, pressing the question "Yes!" She shot back and Lylla's mother stepped back and silently gasped "How could you?! Why would you?! WHY!" She shouted "Do I really have to explain it" He huffed "YES! He was a nice boy! He LOVED LYLLA!!! AND SHE LOVED HIM!!! HOW COULD YOU DO SUCH A THING?!!!!" She shouted "He would've just taken her away from the robots did all those years ago! He Turned her against me!! AND YOU TOO FOR THAT MATTER!" HE shouted back "YOU TURNED US AGAINST YOURSELF!! YOU DID THAT YOURSELF!!!!!" she shot back. She calmed down and spoke " Look...I get it, you love Lylla alot. But we have to accept the fact that we're TOO LATE. She grew up with ROCKET and YOUR DAD, it's been 16 years Arthur! 16! She's a fully grown, matured, 19 year old woman in LOVE. " "I...NO!" "She's not a little girl anymore! BECAUSE OF YOU SHE'S HEARTBROKEN! MISERABLE! IN PAIN!" "Then why didn't you let me see her?!" "BECAUSE YOU'D MAKE THINGS WORSE!" "NO I WOULD'NT! SHE LOVES ME!!!" "SHE HATES YOU!!" shouted her mother "BECAUSE OF ROCKET!!!" He countered "SHE SAID I WAS NEVER THERE FOR HER!! HE CALLED ME A JACKASS!!! AND THE BLAME FALLS ON ME?! I WISH I HAD KILLED HIM WITH MY BARE HANDS!!! NOT BY SOME EXPLOSION!!!" Lylla's mother was horrified at what she was hearing, "He dare attack ME in front of Lylla?! Why I should've ENDED HIM THERE AND THEN!!" "That was wrong...He regretted it later. He's suffered alot already, no father...hateful sister, busy mother. His only family was his Brother and Lylla." "LYLLA IS NOT HIS FAMILY! I'D NEVER APPROVE OF HIM...HE EVEN THINKS OF MARRIAGE WITH HER AND I'LL..." "You'll what?" asked a voice on the stairs "Lylla?" Her father asked "What will you do? I'm not scared of you. I hate you...and even if you;d wanted to kill MY'd have to KILL ME in cold blood first before you even think of getting to him. And then his Brother" "Lylla!" Gasped her mother "You're not my're bad luck" She said. "YOU UNGRATEFUL!!!" "What have you done for me for me to feel grateful? Last time I checked...You were sleeping IN A GRAVEYARD" Arthur grabbed the nearby chair, tempted to throw it at her, "Well go on...reunite me with'd be doing me a favor" "YOU STUPID CHILD!!" "If I'm're an Idiot" she snapped back with no emotion in her words. "I AM YOUR FATHER!!" "My father...left the house ten minutes ago" Lylla responded, referring to uncle Wal-rus. That sent shock-waves of heartbreak down Arthur's spine. "THE GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!" "ARTHUR!" gasped Lylla's mother Lylla laughed "You really don't know do you?" "About what?" "The Mansion, Rocket, Ranger and I own in the CAPITAL" "You own a Mansion?!" growled Arthur "It was a gift from the leader of Halfworld for saving his daughters life as well as his. I'M going to start packing...I'm leaving tomorrow morning!"

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