Rocket and Lylla (Don't leave me!)

Lylla and Rocket were only the sweet couple they were now because her parents weren't alive. SO Rocket and Wal-rus took it upon themselves to take care of her. One day she discovers that her parents are alive and well, but maybe that's not such a good thing as she may have 'Daddy issues' when it came to her relationship to her soul-mate


1. Alive!!!

Lylla and Rocket had just rescued a bunch of prisoners form a robot prison, and Lylla found that tow of them were actually her mother and Father! She ran to Rocket and told him the news "That's great Lylla!" Rocket said as he hugged her and felt her purr in his arms. How he loved it when she purred every time they hugged. Despite the good news, Rocket had a doubt, the only reason that Lylla was with Rocket was because her parents weren't around. But now that they are, things could go very differently. He frowned and his ears dropped, Lylla departed from his arms and dashed towards her parents, but she glanced back and caught Rocket frowning. She wondered what was up and went to him, holding his hands

"Rocket? What's wrong?" Lylla asked

"'s just that, only came to me because you lost your parents. Now that they're alive and well, i fear that you won't need me anymore, you wont need my love anymore" Rocket admitted, his whole body was trembling

Lylla was deeply shocked "Rocket! Don't you ever say things like that!" Lylla's ears dropped and her eyes became watery with tears and her voice breaking, she was horrified, because it was true. If her parent's hadn't been gone for as long as they did, Rocket would've never been in her life. And that scared her, it was her worst fear. A life without her beloved Rocket raccoon, someone she'd loved. She felt Rocket turn to leave her, his hands slipping away from her grasp. She grabbed Rocket and hugged him tightly and caressed him with the utmost affection, Rocket was partially shocked, he'd almost never expected Lylla to stay with him instead of running off with her parents. 

"Rocket...listen here" She said

"Yeah babe?"

"I love you! And that will never change! EVER! You are everything to me! EVERYTHING! And I will love you now and forever more until death do us part"

Rocket felt tears stream down his tears as he hugged Lylla and gave her a good, nice, warm and affectionate kiss with their lips locked together.

They pulled apart and Lylla heard a voice call out to her, she turned and Rocket released her from his hug, expecting her to do the same, but she didn't...well, not exactly. While she wasn't in a hug, she still had on arm wrapped around Rocket's waist.

"Lylla! Is that you girl!" said a male voice as it came closer. Rocket saw two otters make their way up to the cliff point and at this time Rocket was trying to go but Lylla wouldn't allow him and over the next few seconds, he got the message and relaxed.

The figures were now visible, it was now that Lylla released Rocket from her grasp and hugged her parents. Leaving now would prove inappropriate as well as awkward, so he stayed.

Lylla's mother noticed he was standing there and said "Hello there! Who might you be?"

And Lylla took it over from there by sexily walking towards Rocket and placing an arm around his waist again to give them a hint. Her father got it but Lylla got the hint that her mother didn't so she just flat out said it

"Mom...Dad, this is Rocket raccoon." Lylla said

"Hello there" Rocket said as he shook Lylla' mom's hands 

"It's a pleasure! We've heard so much about you?"

Then Lylla continued "He's also my boyfriend"

Her mother's eyes widened and she smiled "Your boyfriend! How adorable!" 

Within her Father's mind, he saw Rocket as something that would take Lylla away from him again. He never wanted that!

"Rocket and Uncle Wal-rus were the only ones that took care of me in your absence...both, mainly Rocket, helped me in my homework, assignments, would keep me entertained, accompany me, and uncle Wal-rus would feed me. Rocket, Wal-rus and I were like a family"

"Thank you so much for helping our daughter Rocket" Said her father, this was all a bluff as to not sound ungrateful

"Anytime sir"

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