Each Are Personally Written, for those who want one tell me the storyline, boy, and song. Thanks.


4. Songs That Are Also Available.

I'm still waiting for more requests so I'll be able to write more. But anyway's about these imagines, I can also base the imagines off of Songs by these artist and bands underneath this writing and such.


Songs Themes and Artist's.

Halsey: Control, Castle, New Americana, Badlands, any of her songs that I know of. 

Melanie Martinez: Any of Her Songs, That I know ... Even GingerBread Man, and Such.

Lana Del Rey: Songs, that are more frequently heard. 

One Direction: Most Of Their Songs. Exspecially Truly, Madly, Deeply and Magic. 

Five Seconds Of Summer: Any of there songs. 

Zayn: Songs that are heard, and any that I know. 

And So on. 

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