Each Are Personally Written, for those who want one tell me the storyline, boy, and song. Thanks.


1. Requests?

Hello, Welcome to this wonderful book that eventually will be written by myself. For those who want Imagines, please inform me on what the fandom and or band that it includes.

Also, please know... I'm not always active, so do not get mad at me if I haven't updated anything, I'm just under a lot of stress with school and all. Along with a few friends.

But Anyways please comment on who you want an imagine with, or song related. Storylines are bound to change as well, depending on how I'm typically feeling. 

Along with all of this, it comes to the end of actually writing ideas down and ripping pages out... I may take longer than usual. I have not written anything dealing with One Direction, 5 Seconds Of Summer in nearly a year. So please bare with me. 

Love you All and Enjoy. 



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