Each Are Personally Written, for those who want one tell me the storyline, boy, and song. Thanks.


2. Example.


One Day, All Fans will possibly forget that there ever was a band One Direction. 

All Memories, erased from underneath us all. Pictures, Videos, and Imagines will be deleted from everyone's phones and mobile devices.

Humanity, will only remember via memories and thoughts, gathered together like a cluster of useless knowledge.  

Shirts and Merchandise, will be burned to the ground for fuel or even rituals. It will all be a gigantic blur of youth and remeberance. 

But for now, fans still have their Albums and Tee Shirts,  All of the older generation do not have such tee shirts, they have photographs and vinal records. While All the while Fans of our generation have all of these advanced devices. 

Remember with your minds. Not with your phones, keep a hold of all of your shirts and CD's. 

-This is an example of a well written Imagine. 


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