Each Are Personally Written, for those who want one tell me the storyline, boy, and song. Thanks.


3. Calum Hood Imagine



This is a Written Imagine, Made For Baby Girl ❤️. 

 This is all in Ally's Point Of View.

“Well it’s nice to have such wonderful neighbors, don’t you agree Ally? Why are you so quiet, it’s unlike you…” My mother had asked, once all of our belongings were moved into the slightly new housing arrangement that wasn’t that expensive.


We moved here because of my mother’s job that moved to another location in Australia, which was a strange place were it was always humid and hot which is something I didn’t enjoy.


I’d already stated, that wanted to go back home but my mom said “Just Think Ally… You’ll make plenty of new friends here.” Which clearly stated that her mind was already made up.


“Just thinking about being home, that’s all…” I said softly, while mindlessly looking out of the window. From looking out, a young boy with tan skin entered our neighbors home. I’d assumed that it was their son that they had.


When my mom and I went over to the house, that boy wasn’t there. He must have been doing something else… or didn’t want to be there. After looking at the attractive young boy, there happened to be a knock at the door.


My mom was on the phone and couldn’t get to it in time, so I went to the door and saw him standing there. “My mum said you’ve just moved in… I’m sorry for not being there. My name is Calum by the way.” He stated quietly, while looikng at me.


“My Name is Ally, by the way. Thanks for coming over here and properly introducing yourself” I had said while, inviting him in.  


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