To Live in A Pokemon World

"You don't have to do this!" He yelled, tears threatening to fall from his eyes. I shook my, fighting back my own tears. "I'm to blame for this just as much as he is! I caused this to happen because I didn't stop him! But now, I'm going to be the one to fix it."


3. With A Brand New Attitude



"I-It was nothing! Really!" Chip squawked, his feathers all ruffled in embarrassment. I smirked slightly as Chip picked up his pace. Sure he didn't actually save me, but he did try so you got give him a thumbs up for that. Which I don't have....

Plus he is giving me free food so you gotta say 'thanks' for that!

'Ahh.... Food~' I thought happily. 

'I wonder what food they eat? On the game they eat berries, but on the show they eat Magikarp. I wonder what Oran berries taste like and I kinda wanna taste some Magikarp too. It'll probably taste like fish though. Then do they eat Mil-'

"Here we are, Wigglytuff's Guild!" Chip announced, snapping me out of my stupor. looked up to see a tee-pee with the top looking like the head of a Wigglytuff. It was built at the edge of a cliff. I took a step back. The sound of eating on top of a cliff didn't sound nearly as appetizing anymore.

"Uhh, first: I that all of it? Second: It that even safe!?" I asked fearfully.

Chip looked back at me and shook his head. Him shaking his head like that made him look super adorable. "No, there's some more underneath. Oh! And yes, it is safe." He answered, anticipating my next question. I looked back at the guild and took a deep breath. 

'Well, if he says so...'

I walked towards the guild with Chip behind me, never taking my eyes of the Wigglytuff head on top. Just as I was about to walk inside the guild, the gates came down and I had to jump out of the away to avoid being caught underneath. I ended up landing on poor little Chip.

"Are you okay?" Chip asked once he manged to wiggle himself from under me. I didn't say anything. I just kept staring at the gate in front of me, trying to calm my beating heart.

"Diglett! Hey Diglett! Is everything okay down there?" Chip yelled. He was standing over a grate. It kinda reminded me of those grates at 'Walmart' except it was a circle and made of wood, outlined by rocks. Chip kept yelling, but he got no reply. His feathers were all ruffled and he looked at me with a worried look in his eyes. He dropped down on his bum, the worried look in his eyes were replaced with self-hate.

"Something's happening down there and i'm up here being useless." He muttered.

'Chip...' I sighed, stood up, and walked over too him. I didn't really know what to say so I settled with putting my hand on his head. I looked back down at the grate before looking back at Chip. I kept alternating my gaze between the two, an idea forming in my head. I stopped moving my head when I started to feel dizzy, but the triumphant smile stayed on my face.

"Chip, you're a fire type right?" I asked. Chip looked at me with a 'What kind of question is that? No duh.' face, but he still nodded his head. My smile got wider.

"Why do you ask?"

"Because, the grate is made of wood  and you're a fire type sooo...." I trailed off, hopping he was catching on. Chip stared at me, processing everything i'm trying to tell him. When he got it, he jumped up eagerly.

"I could use ember on the grate so we could get in!" He said.

"Then what are you waiting for! Use ember!" I ordered, interrupting his little happy dance. 

"Oh yeah." Chip stopped dancing and stood beside the grate. He opened his beak and small, orange, puffs of fire shot out of his mouth and on the grate. The grate started to slowly burn away from Chip's ember attack.


"Celebrate later. Save friends now." I interrupted him.

"Oh, right." Chip said but before he jumped in, he looked back me and said, "Uhh...Thanks."

I nodded and watched him jump in. Actually....let me rephrase that. Chip WAS going to jump in, but his talons scraped against the smooth surface of the rocks so he slipped and FELL into the hole.

'He's not going survive without me.'

I mentally sighed walked to the edge of the hole.

'Well here goes nothing.'

I hopped down the hole, immediately regretting my decision to go after him. I screamed as the darkness engulfed me and the entrance getting further and further away. All too quickly though, my body hit the ground. I groaned and rolled over on my back. I laid there for awhile before I finally forced myself up and headed out to look for Chip.

"Chip!" I whisper-yelled. "Chip, where are you?"

No reply.

I looked around the dimly lit hole and spotted a tunnel.

'A tunnel! Chip must have gone through here.'

I ran my hand down the wall of the tunnel as I followed it. The tunnel seemed to stretch on forever, but finally I felt vines leading up.

'Vines can't grow without light, right?'

I looked up and prayed that Chip was okay. By the looks of it, he's not all that strong without his partner so I cant help but be a little bit worried. Plus he is the only person I know around here other than Bagon.

With that, I grabbed the vine and hauled myself up. It's pretty hard climbing up stuff when you only have nubs for hands and feet.

'How'd Chip even get up here? He's got no hands!'

When I finally got to the top, I peeked over the stop of the hole and saw Chip standing bravely in front of, what I assume are, his unconscious friends and guild members. A Crobat, Skuntank, and Weezzing stood in stood front of him, laughing with each attack they threw at him. Every time Chip got hit he'd get back up and try to retaliate, but they outnumbered him three to one. He could never get an attack in because after one would hit, another would next. Chip had scraps and bruises all over his body, but he still refused to back down.

"Look Boss, he's trying so hard to fight us!" Crobat said.

"Yeah Boss, but he's still just the same old crybaby Torchic!" Weezing added.

"Boys, Boys stop being so hard on him." Skuntank, whom I'm assuming is their boss, said. "Everybody knows that since his partner left with that Grovyle, he's nothing more than a weak link. I'm pretty sure he's even lower than Bidoof now!"

The three roared with laughter while Chip lowered his head, biting back tears. I stared at him with pity, but again I didn't do anything to help. I wanted to, but i didn't.

'Why can't I move?'

'Because your scared'

At first I thought someone was behind me, but I was on a vine. So to be behind me, they'd have to be under me.

'Then who answered my....Oh.' I realized that I'd answered my own question. I swallowed a lump in my throat as I watched Chip get tossed around.

'Flip it! I don't care if i'm scared, i'm going to help him!'

I was about to about to jump up and confront them, but I was lifted off the ground. I stared to slip off the metal thing but I manged to grab a yellow rod sticking out his head.

"Halt intruders!" It beeped. The three purple Pokemon turned around with fear on their faces. Except Stunktank, he looked annoyed. 

"Crap boss, It's Magnezone!" Crobat hissed, stating the obvious.

"Storm! You brought the police!" Chip chirped happily. I looked down at the Magnezone and its two deputies, Magnemite.

"Uh, yeah. Yes I did. You are welcome." I lied, taking all the credit.

Magnezone shook me off his head and glared at the purple gang.

"Come-" He started.

"Weezing," Stunktank ordered calmly. Him and Crobat went downstairs leaving Weezing to float alone in the room. Chip's eyes widened and he opened his mouth to tell us about something, but Weezing cut him off.

"Bye Bye losers!" He rasped and black smoke came out his mouth. In a matter of seconds the room was filled with coughing and toxic smoke.

'Is he trying to kill us!'

Black spots form around my eyes as I struggled to breathe.


Then I blacked out.

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