To Live in A Pokemon World

"Ha ha! I must've hit you hard if you think you're a human!" The dumb Bagon laughed, pointing it's stubby hand at me. I glared at it and was about to growl some sassy remark back at it before I realized that some Pokemon just spoke to me. "Hey? You okay?" The Bagon waved it's stub in my face. "You look like a Haunter just used lick on you?"


2. In A Whole New World



"Ugghh." I groaned as the sun shone in my eyes. I rolled over on my back, effectively blocking out the sun, and snuggled deeper into the warm sand. I closed my and a peaceful sigh escaped my lips as I stared dozing of to the sound of the ocean.

'Wait, Ocean? Sand?'

I opened one eye to check and sure enough, I was half buried in sand. 'Huh?' I lifted my head, craning my neck to look over my back, to see a BIG BLUE FLIPIN' OCEAN that was a little TOO close to my small body. It took my brain a little while to realize that I live no where near the ocean!

I jumped up, barley dodging a droplet of water, but I couldn't dodge a piece of the sky as it landed on top of me. Surprisingly, the hit didn't hurt like I expected it would. The only thing telling me got hit was the slight tingling were it landed. I got of the ground and glared at the sky, prepared to give it a full on rant at why it shouldn't drop stuff on me when the piece that fell on me started moving. I stared at in awe as it got up.

I don't know what I was expecting when it got up, but a Bagon differently wasn't on my list of possible items.

The Bagon stared at me and I just stared back. It looked up at the sky at something so I followed it's gaze, but I didn't really anything out of the ordinary. I looked back down only to see the Bagon turn and start walking towards the cliff. The tingling in my head reminded me that this thing landed on me.

"HEY BUDDY!" I shouted at it, trying to get it's attention which obviously wasn't working.

'First it lands on me. Then it acts like i'm not even here.'

"YOU CAN'T JUST LAND ON SOMEONE AND THEN WALK AWAY WITHOUT APOLOGIZE OR AT LEAST CHECKING TO SEE IF I WAS OKAY! Rude Bagon." I mumbled the last part to myself, but I think he heard me. The Bagon groaned loudly and turned back around to face me. "You sound alright to me, you loud-mouth Larvitar."

I snorted.

'Not only is it rude, it's also stupid.'

"I'm not a Larvitar, idiot. I'm a hu-man." I stated matter-o-factly. The Bagon stared at me with a confused look on his face before busting out laughing. Now, It was my turn to stare at him weirdly as it fell down down. It's stubby hands holding it's stomach while it kicked it nub, knee-less feet in the air.

"Ha ha! I must've...must've hit you hard if....if you think....think you're a...a...a human!" It said between laughs. "You're nothing more than wimpy Larvitar!" It waved one of it's stubby hands in the air like it was trying to shut me up because everything coming out my mouth was too funny for it to handle.

'This thing will regret saying that!'

I glared at it and was about to growl some sassy remark back at it before I realized that some Pokemon just spoke and has been speaking to me. 

'Nonononono! Pokemon can't talk! They're supposed to make noises!'
"Hey? You okay?" The Bagon stopped laughing waved it's stubby hand in my face. "You look like a Haunter just used lick on you?" He chuckled at his own joke.

I took a step back from the Bagon and ran towards the ocean. 'If this Bagon is talking to me then that must mean...'

"Hey, I don't think-" I zoned out on whatever the Bagon was trying to say. The ocean was clear enough for me to see my face, unlike the ocean back where I live which was murky-looking and salty. I stopped at the edge of the ocean and looked at my reflection. Instead of seeing some geeky, very amazing chick with glasses, I saw an adorable, wanna be intimidating, light-ish green face staring back. I back up a few feet and turned towards Bagon.

"I-I....Imma Larvitar!?"I screeched. Literally. I used screech. Bagon covered his ears as my voice went high-pitched. 


My screech attack was cut off as Bagon rammed into me. His attack was sloppy so it sent both of us rolling backwards into the cliff. Just like last time, the impact really didn't hurt. The dust and debris that fell from the cliff didn't bother all that much ether as I looked back up at Bagon.

"Why am I a Larvitar? I'm supposed to be a human..." I whimpered. Bagon got off me and, if he had shoulders he would've probably shrugged them but he doesn't, waved his stubby hands in the air.

"How am I supposed to know? I'm just a Bagon." It said irritably. I stood up and stared at him. The way he said that-

"H-Hey is everything- YOU!"

Me and Bagon turned around to see a Torchic wearing a blue scarf. It was glaring daggers at Bagon, but if you looked closely, you could see it shaking violently.

'It's not cold out here sooo.....?'

"Don't worry Miss, i'll save you from this outlaw!" It declared.

'How'd it know I was a girl? I just call everyone 'it'

Orange, hot, short puffs of fire shot out from it's beak towards Bagon. I expected him to, I don't know MOVE, but he stood there and took the attack like it was nothing. 

Bagon smirked at his pitiful excuse of an opponent. "Really Chip? That's the best you can do?"

'So Chip is a guy?'

The Torchic, which i'm guessing is Chip, flinched at the insult. 

"Sh-Shut up! That was just a warm up, Rock."

I froze and looked towards Bagon.

"Your names Rock?" I asked. He nodded his head.

'He's a he too, I guess.'

"Wow, that name is so scary. I mean the moment I heard that name, fear went right through me." I mocked, while shaking my head in a disappointed manner. Rock scoffed at me.

"And what's your name then human?" He mocked back. Now it was my turn to scoff at him.

"Oh uhh, its...its...umm," I trailed off. The only two names that can to mind was my real name, which i'm not going to tell him, and a name for an OC I made up a long time ago, like two weeks ago but whose counting?

"Well." Rock pushed.

"Hey, I'm still going to take you down." Chip said and shot more embers at him, which Rock stood there and took.

'Guess I'm going with the OC.' 

I decide when no other names came to mind.

"My name is Storm, thank you very much."

Bag-er Rock mumbled something under his breath which i'm pretty sure translated to 'Storm is a MUCH cooler name than Rock', and turned back towards Chip.

"You know Chip without your partner, you're super weak." Rock teased. Chip looked down sadly and I suddenly felt really sorry for him.

'That was really mean...' I thought, but I didn't say anything. Having done his job, Rock hobbled away on his nubby feet. I went to go follow him when that Torchic stopped me.

"Wait, a-are you okay?" He asked, pushing down whatever hurt those words caused him down. I nodded my head and looked past him as the cave Rock disappeared into. Chip noticed me and looked back towards the cave too.

"Is he your friend?"

I stopped staring and looked back at Chip.

'Is he my friend. I'm mean he was so easy to talk and joke around with and i'm normally shy around new people.'

I shook my head. Chip looked surprised at my answer.

"O-Oh, umm you can come with me back to the guild if you like." He offered and started leading the way before I could give him my answer. I blinked and decided to follow after him. 

"You know if you join the guild, you could maybe become an explorer like me! Ooh and..." I zoned Chip out as I followed him back to the guild. 

'An explorer huh? That actually sounds interesting. Maybe I should try it out!' 

"Maybe we could even become partners!" Chip chirped happily, pulling me out of my daze. 


"Oh nothing! I was just thinking out loud!" He said and waved his little wings in the air, dismissing the subject.

I was about to ask about something, but what ever it was I forgot as soon as my stomach started growling.

Chip laughed at me.

'Why is everybody laughing at me?'

"Looks like someone's hun-" Chip was cut off by his own stomach growling. "Hehe, guess I'm hungry too, but I did skip breakfast so...." He trailed off.

"Same." I muttered, but I guess Chip still heard it. Chip smiled at me and I couldn't help smiling back.

"I'm sure Chimecho could sneak us a few bites." He whispered secretly. I nodded as he continued to lead the way. Oh wait, before I forget-

"Hey Chip?"


"Thank you."

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