"Aye Pug Thug" he said "Aye wasss gud my nigga" I say "EH Nm" He says "oh I gotta question for u" He says "ight go for it" "Why did he call u Pug Thug?" I heard a girl say from behind me.


10. The sleepover

-Deontay's POV- 

I finally got my Princess, all to my self, and imma do whatever it takes to keep her safe. But why would she think Id fuck her then leave he, like i ant that type of guy. Sure imma a thug, and I look like I only use and play girls, but the truth is i ant do that shit. Its down right messed up, and disrespectful to a girl. 

"I promise you Deanna I will do anything and everything in my power to keep you safe" I whisper into her ear, and wrap my arms around her wait. She dont respond, but she smiles and cuddles me. We stay like dat for like 10 mim then I hear her little baby snores, They was so cute. I slowly get up with her in my arms and walk to the car. I get her to da car safe and sound, and gently lat her down on the seat so she wont wake up. I get in da car and start to drive to my house, cuz i know I dont wanna wake her and its Friday so like, it dont matter.

~Skip car ride~ 

I pull up in my driveway, and park. Looked like no one was home or some shit so I got the place to myself. I carefully picked up my baby girl, and started walking to the house, I get my keys outta my pocket and unlock da door. I walk wit her in my arms up to my room, and lay her down on my bed. I pull the covers over her and go brush my teeth and shit. I take my shirt off, put my Pajama pants on, grab a blanket and walk downstairs to grab the couch cushions. I drag em back to my room put em next to my bed, lay down. Before I go to sleep I walk over to her, and kiss her forehead. "Im gonna protect you with everything I got princess. I dont care If i die, at least Ill die knowing I did everything I could trying to keep you safe. And Ill know that you will be safe and outta harms way. I love you Princess." I whisper to her. I kiss her forehead one more time then go to bed on my couch cushions.

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